Suggestion: Underwear

While only intelligent, hardcore players wont cry about the small things the ignorant mass will cry about a flopping wang in your game. That will scare them away from this game. I like killing ignorant people so please consider putting underwear on the avatar for the sheep out there. More loot for me and my clan and more people to slaughter. There is no argument that can invalidate my this in a gaming or business sense! Now if its a personal preference thing with the developers I am ok with that too. I just want to kill idiots.

Underwear would be dumb, why don’t you just start with beat up clothes. Some rips and some cuts. Make it feel more like a survival game.

OP doesn’t like natural “things”, I guess. He just doesn’t want to admit it.

This makes the the game unique what other game has naked characters? I mean so what you either see a dick in your life time I bet you own one too. Why it bother you homophobic afraid its gonna make you get turned on or what?

Mortal online did it The naked thing by the way.

Keep it nude keep it real don’t take stuff away just cuz some one finds offence make it how it should be the way you want it not what the market wants so sick of greedy businesses.

ewwww coodies!

If anything the addition of underwear would prevent many idiots from playing this game as they can’t run around naked with a gun. Village idiots and the like enjoy this kind of activity.

Not sure if serious…

You are literally naked now yes, but you are still naked if you are wearing your starting clothes.

Won’t change naked/underwear people with guns unless you want to force people to wear kevlar if they have a gun.

This has been suggested about a hundred times. Not gonna happen…

Sheep care. I like killing sheep.

you and your clan can keep seeing “wangs” because i highly doubt they will had clothing for fresh spawns… if you dont like it dont look at it.

also thought id add something… 99% of those people who arent getting the game because of nudity are kids, because their mommy won’t let them get it.
personally i think thats a good thing.

For the sake of people doing videos and livestreaming, it would be nice to have the option to turn on censorship bars. Personally though, I see no issue with nudity if the players are all supposed to be adults anyways.

Yes serious.

OP mentioned that he wanted underwear added so the ignorant masses, or idiots who would run away from nudity, can play this game, and give him more people to kill.

My point was that idiots and the ignorant masses would have no problems with this nudity, and would find it rather hilarious, as village idiots and the like enjoy streaking and running around naked.

What are these starting clothes you speak of I start naked ?

Also, I am not naked when wearing clothes/armor and neither is anyone else that I see. Literally, as soon as I or anyone else that I’ve seen put on clothes/armor that part of the body is no longer naked.

I think the penis should grow bigger the more kills you have on your char and then resets on death. So, uhmm, you know who has the biggest e-penis.

I personally thinks its cool, and makes the game pretty unique from other survival games, and i you can’t handle to see diks in game, please consider quit it. I really think its funny to run from a naked guy thats voicing, im gonna rae you, and come here and stuff.

WIN. You would need widescreen to see my full peen.

Why are you even censoring dicks and rape? It’s not like Garry will hunt you down. :frowning: