Suggestion: Unique Lockbox

Hi, I hear A LOT of people complaining on the forums, the people that aren’t complaining are too busy enjoying the game and raiding.

One suggestion that may fix the “butthurt” is by implementing a
Lock box that you can craft:
only 1 per player per server.
No one else can access or destroy it (except you see below)
maybe just you can pick it up like a sleeping bag (only when empty)
1-3 slots on it

Just so people can store their best items and stop whining so much.

ALTERNATIVELY: People could just place small stashes in mountains… because yeah I suppose it would suck missing out on up to 750 Low Quality Metal that’s sitting in someone’s Lock Box.

I barely like the idea. But it’s an idea nevertheless.


Or maybe make it destroyable. 2-5 Explosive Charges

Making it destructible would compensate. I would call it a “Safe” though. Tons of metal required, think a kevlar box.

Having a safe box will likely ruin raiding in this game. I’d really rather not blow through 10-15 metal doors just to find out that all of the enemies C4/Metal is being kept in a box that I cannot get into.

I agree. it must be destroyable. even then, What’s the real difference. 1-2 doors in essence.

silly idea, how do I delete a thread?

Just sick of seeing everyone complaining and proposing even more outrageous idea’s.

In fact, what we have available should be more then enough to keep some items hidden / unlikely to be taken/found.