Suggestion: Use CAD for map planning!

Hey, I’m making a quick little thread here just as a suggestion for anyone trying to get into mapping.

Before the map is even being worked in Hammer, it’s often a good idea to start out with a design with pen and paper. I often suck at it and I personally end up being weird when drawing, so I’ve decided to dive into the realm of CAD.

Here’s QCAD, a free program that I use. (It’s got trial plugins that I’ve disabled since installation, but it’s freely expandable otherwise!)

I’m using it to design the insides of buildings, currently:

I was able to transfer my ideas from QCAD to Hammer quite easily, and it’s quite fun. Perhaps you can give it a try!

This is the kind of program i have always needed, thanks for sharing!

Neat, I was thinking of actually picking up a graphics tablet to sketch out map designs, but this looks pretty cool so I’ll give it a try

If you’ve got boatloads of money and for some reason already have it installed, AutoCAD works too.

in addition there is also a fbx plugin for xsi if using CAD (never tried it for CAD),
it does not work with hammer exported fbx -at least not for me (however it doesn’t really matter since you can import vmf into xsi)

…I like pen and paper, and get something rough and playable fast, think hammer is a excellent editor for that, in my experience the faster you can try a layout in game and iterate on it the better, :slight_smile: