[Suggestion] Warn Enemies

I believe there should be a ability where you can harvest other peoples skulls and place them on sticks around your building to show you mean business.
It’s a simple idea, but should be effective.

Yet another reason to farm newbies…don’t think this would deter me from raiding your base.

Maybe then the person had to have an active life of X amount of time before harvest able

This will not ward off anyone…i would believe.

Yeah. It might make me be a little more careful when I ambush you. Wouldn’t stop me tho

It’s more aimed to scare off the undeveloped communities, it would help from people like the average joe’s clan to build next to your area.

Mehh, maybe something activates this, like, putting on a rad helmet, rather than everyone who just started getting M4’d for a skull.

Disco liked the idea at first then thought about it and realized it will help bandits decide who to raid, more skulls = most likly better gear.

That’s a good thing, too though. A little con of having skulls, because, if you have a lot of skulls, you are likely a bandit anyway.

If Disco was a bandit not saying Disco is a bandit but if Disco was a bandit he would want to draw attention to his base.

Well, if you want to draw attention, you may get too much attention, not all bandits are rich

Disco tried to be a bandit once, Disco felt too guilty on being bandit and gave away all of his stuff.

Good guy disco

Disco thinks he should get back on topic.

I support this only for the aesthetics not for the sense of driving people away. I want a graveyard leading to my door.

Just bumping the idea to get more feedback, I also think this could be used to show a clan/team has occupied the area.
The skulls could also expire in a set amount of time.

I like the aesthetics idea bit tbh, it should be on the bottom of the list for projects. Good idea though