Suggestion: weapon degradation and ammo/weapon crafting

I have been thinking about a good way to implement weapon degradation and jamming so that the game is still enjoyable to play. If the weapon degrades too fast, it will hamper the pace of gameplay. So perhaps set it at a pace of 10% degradation after 1000 rounds fired. In terms of jamming, I think the weapon should only have a tiered jamming system. (10% degradation - 10% chance to jam; 20% degradation - 25% to jam; etc. etc.) The chance of jamming increases exponentially as weapon degrades further. This will require players to maintain their guns (say use 1 cloth and 1 animal fat) every 2-3 days (in real life, depending on how long you play).

The advantage of implementing this system is so that someone can’t just pick up and immediately use another player’s weapon that’s been used over and over without some compromise. This will also limit player’s ability to keep on going on raids without having to stop and maintain their weapon.

Another suggestion to have ammo and/or weapons be more difficult to craft. In addition to having the materials, one should have a “mold” to be able to craft certain ammo or weapons. Weapons should require multiple craftable parts to craft (e.g., gun barrel, trigger assembly, upper/lower receiver, etc.) This doesn’t have to be down to the most minute detail but a few general parts would be good to craft. Having this system will obviously slow the game progression down for everyone. It will most likely prevent situations such as a map where everybody’s got M4s and slaughtering all the new players and going on endless raids.

What do you guys think?

It’s not a half bad idea, IMO. If there will be bolt action rifles and such, maybe the percentage would vary based on whether the weapon is full auto, semi or bolt action. It would be another perk to choosing a bolt action/revolver vs uzi, for example. A real life, survival decision.

First off Trello (posting that link a lot to day)

I like your idea about the worse a weapon is the more it would jam. (guns are having a jam mechanic being worked into them) and the maintaining idea could work tho we would need a way of showing when a gun needs or has been “cleaned” this could bring problems/feel odd in game.

The crafting part is good but the mold is a little to much. We can build 30+ floor homes with out nails so don’t need to much realism going into it. Having to make parts for the guns, then crafting the gun would add a bit of spice to the game.

Most will feel that this is not needed or a unwanted step to crafting, my self I’m wanting this.

M4’s are rather reliable. I would understand jamming, but weapon degrading would be kinda dumb. Weapons aren’t going to degrade irl after 100 shots, and I easily fire over 300 shots a day so I don’t want to be running through M4’s faster than I can get metal.

I guess it depends on the operating conditions. An AR15 might last around 20,000 rounds (at which point the barrel wears out) in the hands of an american civilian, but they wouldn’t be subjected to much abuse. I imagine if dirt or sand got into it’s action, the parts would wear down much quicker. I think in environments like those in rust, it would get very filthy very quickly.

Another issue, particularly for the 9mm weapons is the black powder used in the homemade ammo. I’m pretty that would jam an automatic weapon very quickly (and rust it out very soon afterwards).
It would be cool if there where homemade and mil-spec ammo variants for each cartridge.

I’m a big fan of the weapon degradation in far cry 2, and I think a modified version would work well for rust.
In my ideal system, the weapon would get dirty over time while equipped and jam occasionally, requiring the user to hold R to unjam it. The level of dirtiness is displayed in the weapon texture.
The weapon can cleaned using a disposable cleaning kit crafted from metal, cloth and animal fat, returning it to original condition.
I think this should happen quite slowly so that players can conduct several raids before needing to clean their weapon.
An optional mechanic could be thus; when a weapon gets too dirty it can no longer be cleaned and needs a ‘rare and valuable’ repair kit.

I’m thinking weapon degradation could be a server option so that players who aren’t interested in it don’t have worry about it.