(Suggestion!) Weapons , Explosive !

-M4 (Spawn in Airdrop ONLY + like 50~70 % chances fail to research it !)
-Add Hand Made Grenade
-Buff F1 Grenades ( Increase their damage !! )
-Explosive and C4 (Spawn in Airdrop ONLY , 70 % + chances fail to research it !)
-Add more Different type of Guns , scar etc… (Spawn in Airdrop ONLY , 50~70% fail to research it !)
-Add Different kind of Mele Weapons !
-Add Miniature Nuclear Bomb ! (Affect Area 100~200m ! the area become Rad zone for awhile !)
( Air Drop Only ! Super Rare , Hard to Craft ! )

Come on guys, there is a section for suggestions, no need to fill up general rust area with them:

  1. wrong section
  2. Ideas are terrible. They are changing the research system to not use BluePrints anymore. So every weapon will have to be destroyed to research it. And (apparently) only yield a % contribution to learning it. So you will need to find and destroy multiple weapons to unlock it. They ARE adding more melee weapons and guns, but this takes lots of time - be patient. And the mini-nuke is ridiculous. This isn’t CoD.

fuck u both