So, i’ve been playing the game for almost 2 months already and bought several KEYS to giveaway on a Portuguese stream giveaway to get more people into the game.

This morning i was thinking about the military grade weapons that exist on the game and the different opinions that people have about them and i think that everyone had some point. There are people that want MILITARY weapons removed, but i think if we remove them completly it will not be REAL at all. But on the other hand, the amount of MILITARY weapons that exist in the game is a bit ridiculous, but it is still an alpha and the developers will find an anser to this problem.


  • LOWER MILITARY weapons drop in civillian zones;

  • REMOVE Military weapons Blueprint from the game;

  • ADD an Anvil to the game it could drop on civillian Loot but it would be rare (Blueprint for this should not be added) (Once you learn it with a Research Kit, you’ll need 150 Low Quality Metal to craft one, in order to turn it difficult to craft and share);

  • ADD a Blueprint for HIGH QUALITY METAL (It can only be crafted when you are close to an ANVIL) (It would take 10 Low Quality Metal to craft 1 High Quality Metal) (It should be a rare DROP from AIRPLANES)

  • ADD or TRANSFORM 1 radiation ZONE into a factory;

  • ADD 1 unique INDUSTRIAL MACHINE in that CIVILLIAN PLACE (let’s call it X-MACHINE for NOW);

You see where im getting to?

So, in order to CRAFT a weapon, you would need to go inside a radiation ZONE to get to the INDUSTRIAL MACHINE (It would take 2m to craft, so you need to stand close to it and have RADIATION PILLS and RADIATION SUIT).
But before you go in there, tou need 10 HIGH QUALITY METAL, a recipe that you need to get lucky to get from a plane…
But you would also need an ANVIL to CRAFT wich is SUPER-RARE to drop on civillian ZONES…

I think this is a good idea and it would reduce ALOT the amount of weapons that exist in the game…
But in order for this to happens, the developers should find a way to prevent players from building inside the CIVILLIAN ZONES… (OR NOT, thats up to them).

Thanks for taking your time into reading my Post\Idea. I hope for some positive feedback and more ideas.

NOTE: Sorry for my bad english !

But, what is the Devs goal?

  1. Do a sandbox FPS?
  2. Do a sandbox, where the FPS is just one more feature?

If the answer is no.1, i think your idea isnt so good… if its no.2 is good.

This is a FPS’s\RPG\SURVIVAL game, theres is not a specific definition to this gender.
It still is a FPS’s but is not a DEATHMATCH! Because the goal is to survive as long as you can.

Nice ideas. But I would not want Rust to focus on weapons now.
The game is still in alpha and there is a lot more immportant stuff than guns.
Ofcourse, these could be released in updates of the final game, but not now.

Many of these posts ignore the “SURVIVAL” in the name how would any one of us make a M4 by killing a zombie and chopping rocks.I got some more simple ideas check them out if you want on my latest post
http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1313788 you guys are giving ideas that would turn abandoned island into some industrial battlefield

ok idea kronix, but then im sure u will see the big clan/s building there base near the INDUSTRIAL MACHINE, and making it almost impossible to make unless your part of them, since they will then keep an eye out for ppl going inside, and then they know they got 2 min to kill them, and even if they manage to make the weapon, they still need to get out of a place that they could just camp, so in the end the big clan/s will end up with the weapon or mats to make one.