Suggestion - White flag

I think that there should be a craftable white flag that you can make out of wood and cloth, to show that you are friendly/surrender. The flag will reach high into the air and pressing the attack button will wave it.
How does that sound? Silly idea, but I think it would be cool.
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Maybe the white flag idea isn’t really good.
Perhaps there should be craftable flags that you could put decals on and place them in the ground! That would be awesome! Mark your base, mark your territory, or troll!

What makes you think the guy smashing your door doesn’t just look up at you waving it and takes a shot at you?

I think something along the lines of this would be a good idea. There should be some way to prove to players that you are not a threat. Although this probably won’t help people randomly killing players, it might make them think twice. Or maybe not, could be dumb.

I think that takes away the realism of the game. The guy you let in your house after he gave you a pile of wood and some other resources. The thought of him killing you the second he gets a gun doesn’t leave your mind.

“Hey buddy, I got a white flag so you can approach me! That’s right, a little closer, closer, closer… Good…”
[sub][sub]“And now you’re in striking range”[/sub][/sub]

The white flag won’t do anything.

The game is based on survival, it isn’t based on realism. But then again I’m not the one developing the game so I’ll just stop.

It’s basically equivalent to the whole jumping with a flare = friendly technique, just another way of doing it. The same rules apply, they could easily be lying to you, that’s just part of the game.

Put a white flag and wait for guys come say Friendly and kill them ? Lawl

I just thought that the white flag would make this event more silly than using a flare.

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I thought about something: There should be flags that you can craft and put decals on, and you should be able to put them in the ground to mark your base, to show them that it is your home.

Derp: Ooh that base looks sweet
Herp: Let’s raid it!
Derp: Oh shit! That flag has PsiSyndicate’s logo on it!
Herp: Let’s get the fuck out of here!

More like

The context I used was: it looked raidable, the flag was of a faction that would murder them painfully, also your point is valid, but my idea isn’t exactly a deterrent. Perhaps your friend would like to find your base, you can tell them you have a flag with a carrot on it.

It was on topic, my point is that if you have a reputation then flags will only attract more trouble.

Seems like you missed my edit, so here.

my idea was not just for the famous rust players to mark their base.

most famous players wouldn’t need to mark their bases. Every game with dominate players or guilds, you just know what territory they control. It would really help with keeping your orientation on the map too

I wouldn’t say that. Perhaps the people are new, or just don’t know. Also, maybe the guild would like to mark their borders or show off.

With one hand I can count the number of seconds it’ll take for somebody to plant a Nazi flag :v:

Derp: That guy has a nazi flag!
Herp: Kill that motherfucker!

Too much KoS

What? Either that was a random comment, or you should clarify yourself

Did people never realise that maybe they could, ya know, find allies OUTSIDE the game? We’ve got a whole subforum here dedicated to Rust, surely it can’t be that hard to find a few people in the same boat who will play with you.