Suggestion - Wild Live Survival

I was thinking about Rust really long. Watched the Streams and thought more. I want to give some ideas together and wan’t your opinion on that. [So no dumb comments please].

I’d think a Wild Survival would be nice. With Animals like on an island.Only Pvp without npc’s would be nice too but i think it’s not that good idea. That post Nuclear thing is sucked out on my opinion. Its nicely done and all but I would prefer Wildliving Npc’s like Snakes , Crokodiles which are hiding like in Far Cry 3 to get that stuff more realistic. Plants with food to collect and some kind of that from Garry’s Mod Stranded. Weather changings like rain , clouds and so on. Too have different terrains with different livings and different plant deversity’s. Like to be exposed to the wilderness.

I know thats an idea which is problably too much for Garry and his team to do. **I just wanted to give my idea for the Future. **

Whats your opinions on that direction of Idea ?

I don’t quite understand.

Do you mean islands with only animals? and other islands with only PvP?

No, like to be on an island with Friendly Animals and Predators and otherplayers together.

you mean like another game thats not rust?

So you want more survival elements added to the game.

I’m sure it will happen.

As trystram said, Dont get your hopes down. This game has something going for it, Something big

I think maybe they could pull something like that off except not islands, but biomes. Possibly heavily radiated areas could lead animals to become mad, rabid like and try to attack the player. :smile:

Yeah because i dont want that mutant animal crap.

You are basically describing Farcry 3

No im not. Please read it again , the only thing I said is that the animals should get a AI too hide and attack at a point where you last expect it.

This whole idea even has nothing todo with Far Cry three. is what you’re looking for.

The idea of being on an Island, surrounded with a bunch of hostile/non hostile creatures to survive/hunt against for survival, and the only other threats are other players. sounds like it.