[Suggestion] Wooden spear (throwable and melee use)

I think it would be nice if you would add in a wooden spear. It would make an easy way to kill animals when you start out. Could cost like 10 wood and be throwable.

Or at least make some item starting out, that is easy to use to kill an animal because right now all you can do is kill a pig.

Hunting bow is pretty easy to make. And 1/2 hits animals.

Like Feast said, we have a hunting bow already. If you want something throwable, maybe I can suggest throwing knives, instead of spears. You could craft it with wood (for a handle) and metal fragments for the blade. Maybe after thrown they have a 50/50 chance of being recoverable (or higher, depending on balancing.)

Both things you will already have after killing animals. Its a good idea, we need something BEFORE bow that needs cloth that is IN animals…

A spear with longer Melee range would also help allot to kite the zombies!

This is what I was thinking. Unless you are GOOD at melee, you are likely to die with the rock since you HAVE to kill for food and you can’t catch a deer running around to melee it (without it running into a tree or rock that is).

You can kill Boars and get cloth. There not hard to kill you run faster than them so chase them and hit them with your little rock and you can get the cloth for the bow. If you spawn with a wood pile a rock and a boar next to you your set for a bow and some arrows.

u can even run through them if u hold CTRL before they notice u then run…just sayin ^^

I know that, but I’m saying that is ALL you can kill which KINDA makes it harder to start.

you can catch the deer but you need to crouch all the way up to them… it takes a while but it can be done

I want metal tipped arrows for the bow, for increased damage and bleeding.

I really like the idea of spears.
You have one spear, which you can throw or melee with. Throwing the spear removes it from your inventory, and you have to go pick it up wherever it lands before you can throw it again. If it lands in a living creature, you have to kill the creature to retrieve the spear (it will be dropped as loot).