Hello I’d like to suggest something, but I don’t want to be banned, my only intention is to help improve the game :slight_smile:

Okay, so many many people have been complaining about how they wanted keys, now i’m not promoting this but, say your server for example holds 4,000 players, and you don’t want anymore, but as you can tell, everyone wants to play maybe make a queue? so once it hits over 4,000 the rest of the players will have to wait until someone leaves so they can join, now i know this can be unfair if a player disconnects, but this gives everyone a chance to have a slice of rust.

NOW I’m not sure If this was already a plan or had already in mind, but It’s just a suggestion, If It’s dumb, then you can just delete my thread :slight_smile:

Like for example games that I have played that have this sort of system, Again I’m not promoting these, But when I played them:

and LOL

Had this type of system :slight_smile:

Edit: Also I understand Rust Is In alpha stage, but there is always room for improvement :slight_smile: personally I think this would help the game and stop it from being exhausted, and yes I know these games may be alot bigger, but I know this game has alot of potential too :slight_smile:

Why post it if you say “please don’t ban me” “it’s dumb” “i’m not promoting this” about 4-5 times?

Because this is RUST why would I want It to seem like I’m promoting other companys, THATS WHY I SAID IT!