Hi, well… I’d like to share my feeling about rust since legacy and till now. I’m talking the truth here and I’m completely don’t care if you disagree with few things that I said or if you are. I just want to have others opnion to see how RUST is going on. It’d also might help the developers to aim the game to something special.

I always remember legacy, I’ve been played rust since dev blog 20+. Looking back now, and looking at now, rust made a huge difference and experienced a huge changes. Some of them are good, some of them are not.

My first spawn in rust was special to be honest, I didn’t knew what to do in the first place, I bought the game because of that I wanted to play with my cousin. I loved legacy rust, even if it had some problems, its still close to me to be honest, and I will be more then glad to play it again. When the maximum fun was, is when the current version of rust came out, it was so cool and so fun althought there wasn’t a lot of features in RUST.

Well, my personal opnion on the current rust (Dev 100.)
Some of the things is not really good. I personally, hate the helicopter, its just didn’t felt right. And also the upcoming “sciences” NPC players.

Again, /MY OPNION/. Rust made a great updates but also bad ones, I just want to tell the developers that you took the game as a “trolling” game instead of a real game which you /ACTULLEY/ have to survive and fight againts your enivorment + other players.

I give you a couple of things that felt really too over reacting:
Prison cells?..
Sex hats?..
Guitar?.. (But persoanlly, I like it :D)
Grill floors?..

Just something to think about. If you want to also say your opnion about rust, leave a comment below and let the devs know if they’re on the right track!

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