Suggestions: 2 Things which would greatly improve the building process.

Currently there are two issues when building.

  1. Since most places have a slope to the ground it becomes necessary to stair step your foundations down the slope. The problem occurs when you want to level of the floor of your base. This often means that you have to use half blocks to bring everything to an even level. Anything that is above the half blocks has inherently lower stability without pillars. The only way to maintain stability is if you use pillars from the foundation through the half block which makes building walls and doors difficult.

    SOLUTION: Please add half height walls and pillars to the game. This would allow us to even out our first floor and build upward starting with high stability above all squares of the foundation

2)When building there are some squares where I can’t place a foundation no matter what I try. I’ve used stairs in the adjacent square to allow the foundation to snap to a different elevation for the new foundation. While this usually works, sometimes even on flat terrain it doesn’t matter what I try> I just cant place a block. This makes it really difficult to build anything with a decent footprint. It seems like whenever I build a long wall, about half way through I run into one of these squares that I can’t place the foundation on and have to rework my whole plan.

Love the game and can’t wait to see what is coming along next.

Keep up the great work!


Regarding 2.

Have you checked the ground for possible wood/stone/sulfur/frag loot? if present they will block you from building.

I’m certain that this isn’t an issue. I always build in the snow up north since I don’t feel like dealing with nude newbs all the time. Those types of debris are pretty easy to spot in the snow. This happens often enough that I know it isn’t just a case of there being items in the way. I tend to build my bases big since my main raid deterrent is using lots of doors so that there are not specific paths that you know you have to follow to get to the loot room. My last base prior to the most recent wipe was 32 squares wide by 26 long by 5-8 tall depending on the slope. All gridded out with pillars with codelocked doors. When it’s only holding a couple of important 5x5 rooms on various levels people just give up after they use up all their C-4. I’ve had my own server, but got bored with it since you can’t turn off the owner’s instacraft.

Anyway, I said all that just so you know that I’m not just a newb who has been playing for a day or two and wants to complain about stuff that is not broken.

Now that I think about the first issue with using half blocks, the other solution would be to increase the max allowable height that the foundation block can be built so that it wasn’t necessary to make a half a step down. If you could always build your wall until you were able to make a full block step down on the slope, this wouldn’t be an issue. Then there would always be 2 acceptable heights that a foundation could be built in relation to your wall. The low height and a height which was one full block higher. I’d even be ok if the foundation one full height higher cost more to build. This would also make it easier to repair your foundations since when the level of the foundation is supper close to the ground on the exposed portion of the wall, it can be difficult to aim your hammer to hit the correct spot to effect the repair.

Another issue that you could fix with building is making it easier to select for upgrade, a pillar that is already incorporated into a wall. Say that I have a stone wall, then stone pillar and then stone wall. There is often a very small sweet spot for your hammer to be pointed to where you are selecting the pillar instead of either of the 2 walls, so that you can upgrade the pillar to armor.

there is already a “half wall” implemented, but it would be nice if it functioned the same as the full wall (allowing us to build another “wall” on top of it). half height pillars would be useful too.

  1. could probably do with some tweaking still, it can be tempermental at times. sometimes you can fix it using the foundation ramps, and sometimes it just needs you to come at the placement from another angle so it can align to the already placed blocks.