| SUGGESTIONS | 5 Suggestions for Rust

I have some suggestions for rust that include the Radtowns and Loot barrels and other things that I feel could change
1.) Radtowns
I think there should be more radtowns, but instead of more radtowns that are all big, there should be more but they would be much smaller (like a shack at smallest or a gas station at biggest). I think this will make players spread out across the map more and not need to go make a base very close to the bigger radtowns to be close to a biggish loot source.

2.) Loot barrels
I think there are a bit to many loot barrels that randomly spawn around the map and the developers should make the barrels contain more items but make them rarer. I feel this will balance game out a lot and add immersion.

3.) Clothes
Im loving all the make-shift clothing thats in the game but I think there needs to be extremely rare military clothing that is really O.P but it is hard to come by. I think that this same idea needs to go for some of the weapons as well but not guns like the AK but guns like the pistol and maybe shotgun.

4.) Radtown foods
I think that in radtowns if you can find food there the food should have a chance of being poisoned by the radiation. This could help the game for immersion purposes and will make players more aware of the items they use from the radtowns.

5.) Skill trees
I think rust could do with some minor skill trees to enhance how you play the game. The skills could be how fast you craft things, how fast you build things, how much materials you use in crafting, how much stamina you have, how good you are with different types of weapons, can you heal people etc. This will make the game much better when playing in a group or on your own. This can help groups when say raiding bases by making the group co-operate more and assign different people in the raid group to different jobs in the raid group based on there skills. This will also make the game more interesting while in combat with other players.

The end
P.s: All of these suggestions were made up on the spot and are my based of my opinion and not yours. if you want to comment to me to tell me your view on these suggestions, please do (All comments are appreciated)