Suggestions about defense

You guys are going to add traps, right? I really can’t wait until they do get added (I assume they are, after reading this - I just decided to make a little suggestions thread for what traps should be in the game. Feel free to post suggestions.

Mines - Pretty self-explanatory. They would be hard to make, do a lot of damage, and explode when shot. This could really help with base defense. You could also trigger your own mines, so this would force people to make their own path out of their base.

Tripwires - These could only be placed on walls. You can make a tripwire fairly easy. You can make the tripwire either activate a mine, or maybe a gun.

Beartraps - These would cause a player to bleed, and would hold them until they destroyed it. It would have low HP, and would take away 20 initial health on your victim. They would be very hard to build, like mines.

Windowed barricades with spikes - Not really a trap, but a really good defense. These would be placeable barricades, but the only twist would be they would have spikes sticking out and shooting windows.

Thats pretty much it. Also, more realistic clothing (like gasmask and stuff for anti-radiation, and cool-looking kelvar) would be cool.

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I actually agree with all of that, would be an amazing addition.

They should also add something that when players activate or go nearby it could give a clear idea that you would know that someone is coming.
Such as from the game metro 2033 where there are hanging cans.

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Gimme some trapdoors son. And hidden bookcase door