Suggestions and possible glitches

Just started today, very impressed and having lots of fun, along the gameplay I came across various things which I don’t know were glitches or intentional.

I noticed that when it’s night time and it slowly switches to daytime, the sunrise gives off a creepy red light and shines it out all over. I don’t know if this is done on purpose so I thought I’de mention it in this thread.

Then as I began my quest to quench my hunger by killing animals, my first kill suddenly glitched out and the dead animal was stuck with only the head sticking out, so attempting to collect it’s goods was useless.

Also I came across various wolves whom I attacked and they did not move. They spilled blood, I definitly hit them, but they would not die, and I am pretty sure I hit them more than enough.

Finally, when I saw the supply drop plane I noticed it flew in a sort of laggy way. The plane was glitching out, as it flew forward it kind of blinked backwards constantly but overall went forward.

I am truly enjoying this game, I hope my thread is useful since it is in the alpha stage, good luck! xD