[SUGGESTIONS] chemistry, Wildlife, Plants, Stamina, low resource weapons, STEALTH AND BACKSTAB

Hello. me again.

I like the way the game is heading. Lots of stuff would be cool if added, like im suggesting:

Chemistry: Something to mix plants and other stuff to craft Medical things, some minor boosts ( like stoping the hungry/thirst from deteriorating for a moment, more underwater fatigue, crafting speed), and poison. ALSO, Syringues and medkits would be crafted there.

Wildlife: I know, Rad animals are coming, but i thinkings things like Snakes (Hostile, poisonous, and if killed, can be used as food, or poison source), sharks… and giant rad insects?

Plants: Simple source of poison, food and chemistry resources.

Stamina: Well, the hungry decreases when sprinting… but if someone with 100 hungry points, sprint for a looooong time… a stamina system would be cool to prevent people to sprint that long… and make then able to sprint like 15 seconds without stoping to recover? And heavy armors/weapon would affect that as well.

Low resource weapons: More options for “poor” players to compete with geared players. I mean, i know new arrow types are coming, but something more than that, like metal head LANCES, javellins, rusty musket, metal Throwing knives, metal knife and such a thing.

Stealth and Backstab: Able the player to camouflage thenselves with mud&grass ( like Arnold Schwarzenegger on first Predator movie), Lay down to the ground, use a bone/metal knive, machete or sword, able to backstab someone to insta-kill it, or afflict a big amout of damage… crouch behind someone and hold E, while holding a knive, to make it?

Bad english, sorry… but… well, still learning the language.

What do you guys think?

Basicly all of them got suggested atleast once, some more often some less, there are a lot of good ideas im very looking forward too see somekinda herbalism ingame where we can make Medicine/Poison/ or maybe even drugs which buff us with some kinda side effects.

Something definetly has to change in the metabolism armor and health conditions should influence the calories burnt or movement speed in general.

for the backstab if have to say i think that would be far too op, id rather would like to see some sorta passive for each weapon type. like knifes do more damage if you attack someone from the back, spears do have Piercing damage will negate a lot of damage on armored players. blunt damage which is more wounding then killing, and so on.

all in all good ideas or suggestions but they are not new on this forum