[Suggestions] Composite Bow / Chainsaw / Portable JackHammer / Molotov and More

Hello Guys,
I want to suggest a few things:

  • High fuel Grade (enhanced performance items that is used or consume half of Low Grade)


  • Lights (look like the new light on Radtown)

-Chainsaw ( To cut trees and melee using fuels )

-Portable Jack Hammer (who also use fuels)

-Composite Bow

-Arrows (Yeah , feel like a Rambo )
[ Stone Arrow ]
[ Metal Arrow ]
[ Incendiary Arrow ]
[ Explosive Arrow ]

  • Molotov Cocktail (PLEASE!)

  • Some Self- Sniper ( Repeating ) Rifle (Like the G3 in CS)

-Eletro / Electronic Stuff
[ Electro Furnance ]
[ Cable ( Cooper Ore + Rubber made ​​with some Resin on Furnance ]

-Tatical Shield

-Flare Gun

-Flare ( Please come back! )

-Land Mines can Hide look like small stash ( permited only with Build Block)

-Barbecue grill [please, i dont want make 5 / 7 campfire for make lot of food]

  • Some more Agressive / Passive Animals [Tiggers, Goats , Buffalos , etc]

  • Horse Mount ( still difficult to move for large distances )

-Cowboy Set

-Fireman Set (and Fire Axe and Fire Hammer)

**i know , its a lot of things , and " more one guy making Suggestions " , but this is my contribution for this game , just Awesome

Thank you guys**

I’m not sure what a cowboy and fireman set is supposed to mean (fucking NO if you’re talking about costumes) but everything else you’ve mentioned has been suggested hundreds of times before.

Actually, I’ve never seen anyone suggesting that landmines look like small stashes… Though that’s probably because small stashes, by their very nature, are invisible and don’t look like anything.

Maybe he wants to act out his gay fireman fantasies?

But yeah, all of these have either been suggested or posted on the devblog.

Why do you think it’s called ‘low grade fuel’ if there won’t be a high grade later on

It’s a bit late, but this compiles most of what I want from Rust.

So I agree.