Suggestions. (could have been suggested before)

Shareable doors.


locked chests, (you can craft locks, then while having the lock in your hand right click or left click on a chest to lock it)

Wall torches. (lighting up your house at night)

Build stone doors and walls for example.


Stone, Wood even metal Gate.

Loot all buttom for Pve.

For pvp you can put a Loot 5 Items buttom, Wich you could use every 8 Seconds.

And Hold shift left click to put over the items direcly to your inventory instead of draging them, (annoying in pve if you die and is looting your body, then a zombie can come up and kill you)

Fatigure (Wich runs out after a time example, when you run, Gather wood and ores) Suggeted by pole-E Yester

You can sleep at night time, To Reginate Health. and Fatigure. Suggested by Pole-E Yester

Starting items

  1. Stone
  2. 255 Duration Torch, Right now it’s 1 lol.
  3. 1 health pack
  4. Maybe pants or / and a chest (since there is alot of naked people runing around.
  5. Food, Maybe 5 Coocked Chicken breast.

__PVE and PVP
Thre is this problem im quit angry about in pve is that, You can get raided. I would like to disable this feature So you can only blow up your own Objects
and Pick up your current placed object. example a wooden wall, if I place it wrong I need around 4 c4 to destroy it, and only make it able for people to add Door’s etc to their own house.
Locked chest’s and campfire’s would solve this situation, and unbreak able chests, Only the player can break the chest.

i actually like a few of these ideas like the shareable door and the locks and stone walls etc.
do they have cars in the game yet or no jw cuz i seen some one mention it

i think it will be added in the next upcoming weeks, since there already got Key bindings for it.

Sleeping/Fatigue would be another good one

Yeh i really like these ideas …except the lockpick

but thats only because i hate the fact that even building a base dose not keep your loot safe …at all
i dont agree that the C4 charges can be crafted either as there quite easy to craft meaning u can easily take down 100’s of doors so it wont matter how many your base has.

id like to see these ideas in game (maybe at beta stage or alpha.5 now is too early) but the only 1 we need now would be lockable chests that cant be raided and they need to be expensive to craft maybe something more like the creates that spawn in the loot buildings. maybe

Yeh there are cars allready but only the admins can spawn them in ATM

spose well be getting cars in a future update =D

Another suggestion:
You will obtain each item when you craft it. Eg: You make two walls, they take 20 seconds each. The total crafting time will be 40 seconds. 20 seconds in you will receive a wall, and after yet another 20 seconds you will get another wall.
If you cancel crafting, you will consume a ceiled value of resources instead of it all.
You will also consume the materials when starting to craft.

Sounds good although i think the current system is to cause u to become vulnerable whilst crafting

Well, I was thinking about a similar system, only that you will receive the items while crafting. So you don’t have to craft everything over again if you cancel just before its finished.

man i cant wait till i get payed so i can buy this game ive watched so many videos and it looks fun as hell the only part i wont like is running every where. My idea is they should go like dayz with the cars make it to where u have to find parts n fix it up but not as complicated or as rare on dayz. and have it to where u can build a garage with bigger doors so you can store your car away just ideas runnin threw my head sorry lol

I agree the suggestion of adding food to starting items and left shift click as I was going to do a thread asking for it due to my recent play throughs.

But I have another suggestion some sort of map system I know there a wiki where you can find a map but I have not found it helpful and found it difficult to help meet up with other players. according to the wikia there was a /do coords but it doesn’t seem to work and I don’t know if they are keeping it.

As you know it’s running on unity web player, Wich allows you to run files on a computer tehn through this web program, and that I’s a problem, because the biger map the more lagy and bugs will exsist, Since it’s alpha a lot will change, A bigger map will be done, later on, I don’t know when, and then there will be a map added, I belive so Everything is just to be patient and let garry work on this game, I belive in 2014 somewhen In agust the game will be fully developed. but It’s based on how fast they can fix the errors and so.