suggestions for a new gmod if garry makes gmod 11

i got a suggestion for a new gmod if you make a gmod 11 have a new prop type that has plastic, wood, metal ect… flat boards and a tool that lets you cut this new prop type to any shape you want so you can make different bases or even be able to fill in small gaps that no props can evenly fill without having to make it not collide and then it sticks out possibly a Lazar cutter the reason i suggested a new prop class is the new prop give you the ability to be able to cut it idk how hard it would be to make something like this but garry made a mod he surely could make something this simpler or someone could try make a addon like this

There already is Gmod 11.
Also I thought ralle already made this.

there is no gmod 11 on steam or internet… wtf are you smoking? and if this prop+ tool existed it would of been known by more then just you


it’s gmod 9 that is the free one and gmod 10 is the one that you buy and gets updated… there hasn’t been mention of gmod 11 anywhere but then you saying it now

and there is no anything like a tool that cuts things on and if there was there would of been hundreds of fags copying it which there isn’t there is nothing so saying someone already made it is bullshit so is saying gmod 11 exists

Actually, its now Gmod 12. Thanks for flaming.

Also, I think this is what you mean.

Garry’s Mod 11 is what people call the Major Update to the Orange Box Engine I think. We consider the next version to be Gmod 12. (Damnit You ninja!)

first of all i don’t read news


and i was meaning being able to freely cut anything “freely” without having to change angles and shit what ralle made looks epic but that is NOTHING like what i am suggesting and don’t bother commenting if you think i was meaning anything like what ralle made

If you want all this Garry will have to completely rewrite GMod on a different engine (Which he also would have to buy).

You children make me rage. :psyboom:

Please stop calling it Garry’s Mod <number here>.

As you can see clearly below: Half-Life 2 is HALF LIFE 2

And Garry’s Mod NOT 11 is GARRY’S MOD


This isn’t 2005. We don’t call GMod by numbers any more.



But Garry is so pro he can write his own engine :v:

If you don’t read news about something, don’t make a thread about it.

This right here.

Actually it is exactly what you are suggesting. Just not all of what you are suggesting. It cuts props. Plain and simple. I’m sure eventually there will be a wired clippane tool and e2 clippane functions and other stuff. No need for a new prop class.

You sir are an idiot,
*1 there is no thing as gmod 10-11-12
*2 There already is a tool that dose that
*3 Read news or dont bitch about it

If you want something like this, then why don’t YOU script it in Lua?

This thread angers me.

THANKS to you, i googled that facewound, seems to be awesome!

I’ll respond with the same answer I used in the last thread. If it was possible to do this, wouldn’t you think that someone would of already implemented this?

it is, they did

No, garry can update the one he is now there’s nothing gonna be different in it, it would be like gmod 9 again.

Internally GMod still has versions.