suggestions for all?

i dont know if there is already a thread but i like to get rid of some suggestions.

  1. i think there should be more weapons… melee like ranged… and maybe some more armors…
    something like a ak47, a second mp, some knifes maybe throwing knifes.

  2. the crafting system rocks! And thats y there should be more items 2 craft. Some thinks like furniture for houses. i want a big villa at least XD
    metal chests with keys, stone walls to build a castle, nothing 2 make u safe but 2 make it harder 4 other players and urself 2 loot others.

  3. how about some traps 2 build? like a pit u can fall in?

  4. i love the idea of some events like appearing loot drops or special enemys with loot over a time window. something like a appered annormality from the radiation

i just played 2 days now and i allready felt in love with the game. i think its a way better version of minecraft and a really awesome idea. i hope its ok that i wrote here and u excuse my bad english.

Wrong section, but i’m friendly, so i’ll give my opinion anyway
(Ignore this gold people, they think that people just join the forums knowing everything)

Number one and two I totally agree.
Number three is necessary. Raiders have a lot of advantage in this game.
Number four i don’t agree, but it’s just a opinion, I think that rust have to be a realistic game, these unexistent creatures just make the game more boring. (Also a developer did some of this animals that you suggested link )

I can see that you just started the game now, so i’ll give you some hints/guides:
My begginers guide
Another guide
Research kits:
You can research a research kit by pressing and holding shift and dragging one research kit to another (with the workbench 1 status)
Rust map: (i did this one with images)

  1. to my knowledge, there will eventually be all custom weapons like the bolt action rifle in the future. They definitely plan on adding throw-able items such as hatchets already.

  2. crafting system still has a long way to go development wise. who knows what they will come up with, especially once we can mod the game with more control and use the item editor.

  3. traps are indeed planned and several examples of artwork for possibilities are on trello ( there will be a bear trap for sure and house traps are in the works as well)

  4. this might be possible as part of the new plan but we don’t really know, they haven’t spoken much on new enemies and enemy AI in quite sometime. I suspect they are keeping that info secret for now.