Suggestions for APAnti

I’ve been working on APAnti for a long time and updating it here and there. Because I want this to be the best free Anti Prop Kill and also let the communities voice be heard, I am asking for suggestions here.

The current code/github can be found here if anyone is interested it has come a long way since I first made it.

Currently with recent updates I’ve been trying to remove the need for ghosting, because over time I noticed that ghosting reduces playability and slows down building to a crawl.

P.S. I know the code probably needs allot of cleaning and optimization but to be completely honest… I don’t know where to begin. (Contributions would be nice.)


Wait, so why did you make your own notifications when the old ones work fine and don’t stack on top of eachother

Mostly for fun. Plus I wanted them to stack on top of each other like that. Since if a person gets allot of notifications for some reason they won’t take up their whole screen. (Also these don’t replace the default notifications.)