Suggestions for de-congesting the Factory.

This is a thread where suggestions should be made regarding de-congesting the Factory in Rust later on in development.

Currently, the Factory in Rust (being the location of many supplies) is a heavily contested area of the game. Players are frequently seen boarding up the buildings and making them into their own personal supply forts. This is fine for the game right now, but later on this could become a large problem. This thread was created in order for people to suggest ways that the area could become more action-oriented and fair rather than, for lack of better phrasing, a loot-farming campfest.

I personally feel that an organic way to prevent the camping in the Factory could be to increase Zombie spawning in the Factory at night time, and give those zombies an increased ability to break player-made structures. The zombies there would have AI that would tether them to the factory and they’d despawn at night time, but it would give players who did not reach the factory as fast a bit more fair of a chance to get the vital supplies that are contained there.

Obviously bug-fixing and other optimization type things are more important to Gary right now, but I feel that later on in development this could become an issue, thus; this thread.

Keep in mind, I don’t actually have access to the game, this is just based off of some gameplay videos I saw. (Game looks fantastic!)

They were planning to remove zombies and replace with mutants iirc. But yeah, good idea.