Suggestions for Future Updates and all Updates to Come!

I would suggest some way to get to know the map, possibly a well… map. You’ll obviously need some sort of utensil in making one, so why not some charcoal and a piece of wood? The map wont be super high quality so you might want to add some color, get some blueberries or raspberries and make yourself some ocean blue and make your house bright RED. How do you orient yourself? Maybe you’ll need a compass of some sort. Use a little metal perhaps at your workbench? Got a little too much recoil on your shotgun or MP5? Attach a grip. Another mod that’ll reduce recoil. Similar to any other mod it would require a little bit of metal. Wood walls can’t be impervious to EVERYTHING! Fifty to sixty hits to it HAS to do something! Also if this isn’t already resolved I see an issue with people placing things where someones standing… don’t want to be inside the wood. With low grade fuel there might be a possibility. Use your handy-dandy workbench to conjure up a low-grade fuel lamp for lighting up the house. Been sick or just don’t feel like chewing? Once Facepunch gets agriculture in order why not make yourself a nice metal pot to hang over the fire, get a little water from the naturally occurring and occasionally happening rain. Chop yourself up a little chicken, some vegetables and viola you got a steaming hot bowl of chicken-vegetable soup. Also the bed would look a little nicer with a couple of blankies to keep me warm at night.

   Thats all I have to suggest today! Please leave comments on what you think!

Very late sir