Suggestions for learning lua

Today, in about 20 minutes I have built my first base sandbox gamemode.
Of course this is not much of an achievement but I must ask you,

Where should I take my time next? should I open up several gamemodes and see how they function?
should I try modifying my own Dark RP edit? (even though I hate the gamemode to various and obvious reasons) or should I step down to Sweps, Stools, and addons?

In other terms, this is a “How did you learn to create gamemodes” thread.

Well, a friend of mine asked me: “Hey you said you are Lua Scripting? Can you make me this Gamemode?”
It was some sort of Magic Arena where you jump around buy weapons make quests etc… It was pretty cool(From my side of view.) Well anyway I bumped into a pretty big problem(Why arent those particles spawning?) so I stopped at it. (I would continue today! Only my computer broke few months ago, so I had to re-install windows. )

Read the lua docs, my personal experience is that the biggest roadblock i’ve found is being unfamiliar with how lua work and doing stupid overcomplicated shits when it could be simpler.

Thanks for the advice