Suggestions for lighting up a chandelier in a not well lit room

Can anyone give me a few suggestions about lighting up a chandelier in a not well lit room?
So far I got a light_spot shining from below a chandelier onto a table - the table is lit up but not the chandelier.

The room does not look good, I want it scary and I want people to pay attention to the chandelier and the table.

perhaps tone down the brightness/colour (make them bluer/greyer) on the surrounding lights, then make the light entities (of the chandelier) glow a brighter, more eccentric colour?

Messing around with the Constant/Linear/Quadratic values will help spread out the light smoother.

Also fine adjustments to the inner/outer angels will help too. Simply jacking up brightness will make your light suck a lot more as they will become very bright in the center, and sharply fall off.
Also keep to real light temperatures. So depending on what kind of light is actually illuminating the chandelier, your temperatures are going to change.

Heres a little guide you can use to guess what temperature belongs to what, and what color it should match

Do note the severe lack of a blue/grey light.

Okay, heres how I would tackle this problem.

First, disable shadows on the chandelier. Then place 4 regular light entities around it, not too far from it. Obviously you should lower the brightness on all 4 lights so the scene doesn’t look too bright, but also, as richard said, set the quadriatic value to 0 and linear to 1.

This should look somewhat acceptable. Dont forget to set your light color to some orangey-yellow value.

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