Suggestions for my parody, Watch_Doges.

Hi, I am returning to the almighty lord of Facepunch for help. I have decided to make a parody on the hit game, Watch_Dogs. Now, I was thinking on how to do it, and the best way for me to do it, is in the best sandbox game I’ve ever played, Garry’s Mod. Now, when I thought that was going to go right, then I thought of all those add-ons to look for… And now I’m in a shit-storm. So I came back to ask you this: What add-ons are directly or based off of Watch_Dogs that I could use for my parody? Now, sense its a parody, don’t expect as much detail from the game as possible, I just need props, vehicles (I’d say TDMCars, if you ask me), SWEPS/Tools, maps (gm_bigcity?) and player models.

TL;DR: I want suggestions of add-ons for GMOD for a Watch_Dogs parody.

[ EDIT ]: I did not mean add-ons that HAVE mechanics in Watch_Dogs, I was going to edit them in. What I really meant by addons is I meant by props, for example, a SWEP of a phone that doesn’t do anything but be a phone.

What do you intend to make fun of specifically in this “parody”?

I intend to make fun of Watch_Dogs. Basically, it will have some mechanics shown in the video of Watch_Dogs “ctOS cameras, blockers, blackouts, etc”, expect it will have a comedic style to it, espically sense its going to be shot in Garry’s Mod. Hopefully, that cleared it up for you.

DarkRP like thing?

I think you have an idea, but absolutely zero clue on how to accomplish it. You can’t just throw together a bunch of addons and call it a day, this would require extensive amounts of work and coding

imitating without much exaggeration isn’t quite a parody