Suggestions for Rust after Alfa.

Hey you guys should have events with the zombies like at night time there are more zombies out then during the day just to make the game more on the horror/survival side. They should also look a lot less like normal people and more towards something disgusting looking that would make you kinda freak out to have running at you. OH and PLEASE Get the Chicken thing to work! I would love to be able to through them at people!! Great idea man!!

You would think the players with guns, bears, fast zombies, and even wolves would be already dangerous enough at night.

I am just saying I have been surviving against that a lot easier now since I know what I am doing in the game. I was asking for something more like game events on certain days like zombies going even more crazy and rampage through homes and we have to seriously buckle up for the mobs or something too dangerous its exciting once a week. idk, just pop’n out with ideas

What is the “chicken thing”?

I think he means people being able to wear chicken suits.

no, garry posted something on the Home page of Rust about killer chicken art. Chickens being mutated and now eat human flesh.


I want more mutated enemies due to the radiation. Looking forward to whatever replaces the zombies.

Mutated hot dogs