Suggestions for Rust Game Play ( Not a DDOS thread no need to draw more attention to the problem

I understand that this is Alpha so I wanted to add some suggestions and see what others think. Some of these have already been discussed but this is my take.

  1. To have a player friend list
  2. Have a Barrack spawn so that way your group can spawn at the same spot. Like multiple wood beds ( like large Boxes )
  3. Have faster travel ( like horses) I mean if you can make C4 you should be able to tame a horse in the wild and create stables for them right? Also have to keep the stable in a specific area where they can Graze grass.
  4. Have signs for your group or to label your house
  5. Allow Graffiti anywhere Rocks houses other peoples property? Like leaving a signature for someone after they were raided? Allow others to remove Graffiti
  6. Map Creation ( to keep track of where you have gone the more you explore the more your map gets updated and you can place notes on the map to remember where your house is. ) Use Charcoal and Paper to do this and take notes. ( others can take this from you and use the notes to find your hideouts )
  7. Traps for shelter defenses
  8. Pets as shelter Defenses have to feed them when you log in.
  9. Rain and other environment elements / Acid Rad Rain ?
  10. Large animals that are random spawns. Animals that have been affected by Rad poison like Really large bears wolves Honey Badgers !

If anyone likes these ideas just list 1 -10 and rate 1-5 on the good idea scale below is an example.

  1. 5 Good idea to have a player list
  2. 2 Not a good idea should still use sleeping bags

I just wanted to say I think Rust has a lot of potential and think it is amazing. Thank you for all the hard work.

I like all of these suggestions, but i guess most of these are put into plan by the devs and will take time but as you all well know this is alpha and alot will change, from when rust was first released to what it is now, ALOT has changed, but +1 for these<3

  1. I would enjoy a way to tell friends apart like a little Green circle or something above their head. also cant wait for a permissions system on doors so we can stop adding more doors lol

  2. would be cool for a bed rack that allowed X amount of people to “bind” to it

  3. meh I could do with out

4/5) Def interested in signs, Same with graffiti even though I know there will be even more penises everywhere. would be funny to draw on your friends house and have like gang signs that you could try and copy and get other people blamed for things you did and start wars and the the like.

  1. I Would love to see a realistic map system no magic you are here arrow unless some sort of GPS system is in.

  2. love me some traps

  3. could care less about pets

  4. weather will most likely be added with how Garry is aiming the game towards a realistic survival type of game.

  5. Giant pissed off radioactive honey badger … Garry pls

pretty much the same things I would like to see though the only thing you don’t have on the list is the ability to disassemble things you built so you could fix the fuck ups with out resorting to C4

I love your ideas but there seems to be this vocal minority on here that hate maps and any way to organize your friends. They already seem to be against change. Hopefully devs won’t listen to them too much. Seen way to many games ruin by vocal minority’s.

I’m not against maps, but i would be against a fully crafted map. I’d much prefer you have to hand draw it in game somehow (or something, not saying this is the only way) and have a rough map that you have to fill out as you travel. Or as someone else suggested in a different thread, add a star system so at night we can find the “north star” or whatever, and use those to learn our directions.

  1. Devs already said no to this.
    2)Nice but not really necessary
    3)Really no point since map is so small currently (If map gets larger maybe added bikes and horses?)
    4/5) Lots of penis but it would be nice
  2. ehh
  3. Would be very nice knowing how easy it is to get C4
  4. Planning on weather
  5. Planning on it ex. Killer chickens
  1. Agree, agree, agree! Also, a way to indicate them so that you can tell who is who during a firefight.

  2. Interesting…could work if not made too complicated.

  3. Agree, but change horses to motorcycles. Horses feel too medieval.

  4. Yes, yes, yes.

  5. As long as you allow others to remove it, yes. Also, the spraycan should not be infinite so you can’t just spray naked women over the entire map in thirty minutes.

  6. Not sure how this would work. I like using the sun to find where I am and with a fixed map like Rust has now, you eventually won’t need to craft a map. I think a better idea (unless they change the game to randomize the game level) is the ability to craft certain landmarks that designate where things are.

  7. Oh, the possibilities! Snares, pitfalls, bear traps, etc. Agree 100%

  8. They would have to be some pretty strong pets to be actually useful in defense. I can just imagine my little doggy that I spent so much time training and taking care of being blown to bits by a shotgun or grenade immediately. Balancing would have to make this one worth it. If the pet is a dog, a better idea might be that the dog could track things down for you with its scent.

  9. YES! Rain, wind, lightning…if its a survival game, all this stuff should be there.

  10. I love this idea. I think the honey badgers should one-hit kill you, take 500 bullets to kill, and drop a plasma rifle if you kill them.

Good list! Thanks for the input!

I alot of these ideas seem unrealistic, but they would be nice.
An overcomplexed game is always less fun and more buggy.

No to the pets but yes to everything else, And more TRAPS!

Why are they against a friend list? that doesn’t make sense if they are going for realism. Then in real life we would separate our self by uniforms or something. We need a way to tell each other apart since everone looks the same. I can’t believe the devs have already shot themselfs in the foot by having a definite statement.

See i don’t agree with you. Right now we can alt tab and look at a map. But its just annoying having to leave your game and there is nothing immersive about it.

  1. This would be amazing, and possibly a way for friends to spawn near each other, especially if the map is going to be bigger in the future.

  2. Not a bad idea, however several sleeping bags can work just as well.

  3. I do think that a faster means of travel would be awesome, I know cars are currently talked about but I don’t think cars would really fit into the atmosphere of rust. Sure, they would be freeking awesome, but would they really fit? I just don’t see it.

  4. Signs might be cool, though there are something more important that should be added first.

  5. This might be awesome.

  6. I really like the idea of other people being able to find your maps and vice verse, maybe a way to copy maps for friends too.

  7. If you could set traps for animals that would be cool, perhaps a way to make a farm type thing as well. Ex: Have a chicken coop or similar.

  8. Not sure about pets, it would give people who have been on a server a while an even greater advantage over new players.

  9. Rain and similar could be cool, however from other games, like minecraft, that added rain we can see that at first people love it but it gets old fast.

  10. Environmental bosses would be sweet, they could appear the form of large animals like you described.

Instead of having a friends list, why not be able to dye your armor, so you could get all your teammates to get the same color dye of armor to make it easier to recognize them.

This would add a whole new dimension to it, ie. you could always dye your armor the same as the enemies to trick them.

While the subterfuge of dying your armor the same as an enemy’s is a cool idea, I think the point of a friends list or something like it would be primarily so you can 1) share building permissions and 2) distinguish who is who in a firefight. Being able to distinguish who is who in the midst of a hectic battle would make the game a LOT more enjoyable, IMHO.

I was thinking it would be cool to give others keys. Then they could get in.