Suggestions For Rust :)

I don’t have the game but ive seen alot of people play the game and i would like to make a game like this in the future with unreal engine or source engine but anyway


Bow - Like a bow made from wood and cloth.
Arrow - Made from log and either rock head or less damage or fragment for more damage ( 1 log makes 10 arrow shafts?) also Feathers?
Hunting Knife - Used to gut animals made from fragments? (can be thrown?)
Throwing Knife - Basicly hunting knife but throwable maybe for player killing?

radiation/Biohazard suit - Dont get hurt from radiation but you stand out really easy
Quiver - Used to carry arrows… (made from cloth?)

Anvil -used to make arrow heads out of fragments, Make Knifes swords Armour? guns?
Spikes - Use to protect players house or make traps? (eg players/animals)
Traps? Snare, etc

Season changes? ( autumn,summer etc etc
radiation waves? ( like radiation may flow around not stay in one area?

i have some skill in designing/coding for games but not much thats why im gonna start my own game similar to dayz/rust but how i would like it

I like some of your ideas except the radiation/bio-hazard suit because if this did happen it would allow players to get great loot (which I have heard) without being in some danger

I like the lot of these ideas, It’s my thought that on the Items, there will be plenty to choose from once this goes live.

Seasonal changes are also a good idea, rain, lightning storms, etc.

Perhaps some primitive form of an electricity generator which could be used to power various instruments needed to building more advanced structures

On the food bit, it would be neat to gather a few recipes that could offer + resistance to certain elements and perhaps stamina buffs.

I don’t like the swords idea, let’s not make this into fallout / elder scrolls to much please?
Stick with the knives, and add a combat knife?
Should lean more towards the modern day stuff: guns, knives, grenades (this includes flash grenades, smoke grenades), melee weapons such as wrenches, crowbars, pipes, shovels, hammers, bats, tire irons, axes (hunting axe, fire axe, wood axe {hatchet already exists, just thinking of better damaging weapons / gathering tools}) chairs? (silly)
Minus the anvil, replace it with a workbench / craft bench.

I’d like the radiation suit but I can see it getting quickly over powered, you can be in a radiation zone with some sort of long range weapon sniping people in safety

Nice ideas except for the radiation suit one.

There’s a rather large chance, that they already thought about most of these ideas, but they can’t add it all instantly.

Maybe you can make the bio hazard suit a challenge, like say it can leak easy or it takes a lot of resources to make and if your shot you lose the ability to be radiation resistance.

I think that knives would be a good edition because we could run around stabbing people >:)

Good ideas man!

or the suit could have an air tank and it depletes fast so as to not make it seem overpowering

Landmines? Just a thought. I mean, we’ve got grenades already.

Possibly make it harder to make guns. Such as you have to get gun parts from factory melt down fragments to shape the gun attach the gun pieces etc all in the crafting menu ofc

tiers of building materials that require different tools to construct (and destroy?) them.
for example:

a saw and hammer would be required to craft more advanced wooden items and would be done on a workbench or crafting table.
a furnace and some form of cement/mortar can lead to building with clay bricks (clay gathered from the earth) or perhaps stone bricks.
can build an industrial furnace to create iron/steel walls, doors, and that sort of thing.

wood can be deconstructed slowly with a hammer and saw
stone/brick would require something like a sledgehammer or explosive charge
reinforced steel/iron can only be deconstructed with high level tools and equipment (from the inside?)


An idea that would be nice about was adding different color dies and maybe add horse’s that u have to sneak up to catch with a lasso that u have to make.

All great ideas in my book :slight_smile:

  • weapons - ok, but not sure about throwing knife or sword

maby add spear, same as arrow but more wood and no feather to make (makes more sense than sword, easier to make to)

  • first version is just a sharpned wooden pole, later versions is with metal tip for more damage
  • Armor - radiation suit should have a decay rate on it, lets say 1000, and 2000 for advanced suit (the radiation starts to tick down on the suit untill it reach 0 then on the player.) they should be yellow and orange in colour - craftable with cloth and leather maby something else. Very rare to find and same goes for blue print. pretty expensive to make.

  • Placeable - seems ok, traps is long wanted for many, spikes and other attacthemnts for house is nice to.

  • Weather - like all except radiation waves.
    if implemented they should move rather fast and be rather weak and small in area, else if could be a mess if your home get hit by a hughe wave with lots of rads.

maby make em emit from the at place radioactive areas and they fade of in streagth by time, so when they start they are pretty strong and when traveled a little while they are weaker and eventually fade away completly.

about season changes it coulds actually change the animal types at the time to, some animals travel with the weather.

you know how raadiation works right, not that rust is the most realistic game though.

I have to say, from some of the gameplay ive seen the game might look like a game a rusher would love. It should be more deadly, and slow.

I doubt anyone likes my idea :frowning:

I agree with most of theses except for the hazmat suit, the sword, anvil, throwing knife, and radiation waves. the spikes sound like a really good idea, maybe you could add them to the tops of walls and barricades so people can’t jump over them. this would add a whole new aspect to attacking peoples bases and make it much more difficuilt to raid houses. traps could help you hunt animal and also be used for base defense. weather system could make it so you freeze to death in the winter if you don’t wear warm clothes or have a fire. the hunting knife could be used to skin animals and make coats and other things. rain and thunder should scare animals away and they wont spawn during storms. Zombies(or whatever they replace zombie with) should spawn in high concentrations in highly irradiated places.