Suggestions for Rust

Things to add to Rust.

ATV/ Quad Bike - Quick Transport for 1 Person (Found Around Homes Possibly in a shed?)
Small Bus - Used to Transport a Clan/Group. (Found in Factory’s)
Small Car - Can Carry 4 people. (Found parked on Roads)
Military Car - Stronger than Normal Cars and Isn’t as easy to fire down. (Rarely Spawned)
Push-Bike - Transport which is faster than Running (Found Near Spawns/Roads?)
Small Helicopter - Able to Fly… (Super Rare - Found on top of Hospitals?)
Fishing Boat - Travel Over Water ( found on shorelines/Piers)

Double Barreled Shotgun - Short Ranged Weapon
Sniper Rifle - Long Ranged (For Example - Defending your House/Base)
Melee Weapons - [Baseball bat/Crowbar] - Close Ranged attacks.
Bow - Medium Ranged attacks. (Harder to aim because The Arrow will drop)

Hospitals - Medical Equipment and Vehicle spawns.
Army Camps - Guns and Ammunition can be found here.

Roads - Easier Movement for Vehicles
Piers - Vehicle Spawns.
Traps - Either Used to Trap a Player or an Animal

Flashlight - Be able to see in the Night
Map - Show the game map…
Night Vision Goggles - Be able to see in the night
Clothing - Ghillie Suits, ect.
GPS - Find your way on the map
Binoculars - View Places in a longer Distance.

-[These Below Items are Used to restore vehicles to full working condition]
Car Wheel - Repairing Wheels
Engine Parts - Fixing Broken Engines
Scrap Metal - Repairing Vehicle Parts
Windscreen Glass - Fixing Broken Windscreens (helicopters/cars/bus’)
Fuel Can - Refueling Vehicles

Add Some more Ideas in the Comments if you like :slight_smile:

there was already a thread of most the things you said in here…

Really? lol… I must have not seen it :confused:

Clearly didn’t look very hard.