Suggestions For Rust

Before we start I am going to apologize in advance if this is a jumbled mess at the moment. I love writing in my spare time and I have found over the years that when writing down ideas it usually starts out as a jumbled mess and I have to go back and edit it a few times. So just giving you all a heads up!

I have been alpha testing Rust for a couple weeks now and have found that Rust seems a lot darker and spookier then Dayz and Minecraft, as for STALKER I’ve never played it (I’m a loser I know) But even before alpha testing Rust I have been thinking of ideas for this game based on what I knew.

Along with the ideas I have come up with and seeing how this game has potential to be darker than other survival games I am creating a thread where I will post my ideas on how this game can be made into a survival horror with all the aspects Rust is expected to be.

So far I have a few ideas for mobs to replace zombies and weapons that might be fun to have in the game.

Mobs: Since according to the developers zombies going going stale fast (can’t argue with that) I have thought up ideas as to what zombies can be replaced with. Sadly I am the worst artist I’ve ever seen so there will not be any concept art at the moment sorry. However, I have quite a few artistic friends who I am going to try my best to help me out so there should eventually be concept art on here.

Enemy Idea 1- My first idea for a replacement mob was inspired by nightmares, I’m talking about having your own worst nightmare out to get you. For example what I was thinking was the character you play as is being haunted by his own nightmare, now I was thinking thinking this nightmare could be a little spin off of if Slenderman and The Grim Reaper fucked one day and had a demon child idk still working on it. So my idea for how this enemy could be unique is that it appears based on how much fear your character has. I will go over fear and how it could work in another subject on this thread. Also I was thinking if the fear thing didn’t work it could just appear at random during the night, well not so much randomly, my thing is your character could be hearing a voice speaking to him out in the distance. This voice would be saying something eerie but also beckoning you towards it. If you were to follow this voice you would eventually come across a figure (Maybe the spin off demon baby?) sitting in a fetal position whispering unrecognizable and inaudible statements. If you were to then turn around you would here a voice right behind you, close enough that you could feel the breath on your neck, say Do Not Leave Me in a raspy demonic voice. If you kept walking the monster would hit you on the back and take a small percentage of your health (like a warning) then if you kept walking it would attack in full force. Now if you turn around first thing or turn around after the warning hit you will see the figure recently in the fetal position now standing it’s arms hanging like the grudge, it’s back would be slumped over and it would be looking at you with its orange or yellow eyes, its head tilted tilted to the side, it would be smiling (As I’m thinking about its teeth I keep thinking of Alucard’s smile from Hellsing, hopefully that will help you see what I’m seeing with the teeth) Anyone this nightmare will just stare at you for a few seconds then it will go towards you to attack. Now for the way it would attack I was thinking something along the lines of it shaking rapidly as if it was being tazed but still able to move of course, it would be shaking more dramatically than being tazed would allow, it would also be tearing through your vision as it shakes giving it that nightmare aspect I am looking for, it would tear through your vision as it moved as if what you were seeing was all in your head, but either way it could kill you.

That’s all I am going to add for the first session so tell me what you think so far and I am open to your suggestions and feedback. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this and I hope you weren’t disappointed!

Meh, I don’t know.

I understand if you do not support my first enemy idea, although if you would I’d ask you to think about it for a bit, it might grow on you :smiley:

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And also I forgot to mention if you could think of some ways I could improve my ideas that would be awesome

Nice not a bad idea man I think after watching BoyWonders stream tonight that it would fit well in

This is a very creative idea and might work but idk, you might want to come up with a few more ideas though

I have a few suggestions, ever since playing zombie games for a long, long, long , long time…too long maybe… I have always wanted to see more realistic type zombies but that are different in special ways. Such as two zombies that look “normal” but one of them can run very fast and the other can jump up and towards you. So they could look normal or they have subtle distinctions so it is not painfully obvious that they are special mutated that have special abilities that you won’t know what they are until they aggro on you or until you get close enough to see their differences. This is to keep a player on his toes so he/she really needs to plan ahead in certain situations because they are low on health, ammo, etc and also not to be like other games that have freaky mutated zombies unless they put special events in the game which could be interesting.

I always did like mutated zombies but sometimes I think it can be too much so instead of like having freaky mutated zombie with 5 arms you can make it a bit more realistic as some animals become infected like bears…can you imagine running through the woods and all of a sudden you hear a crazy roar from behind you and this slowly decaying beast running towards you and you need to either run or mow it down before it gets you good. I have always wanted to see infected animals in play and zombies kids too because monster kids are just plain creepy if you ask me.

Maybe incorporate a flying enemy: a Flying Gargoyle like creature that would pick you up and carry you high into the sky before dropping you, also Maybe add in planes and parachutes!!