Suggestions for Rust !

Hello guys , its my first post here on the forum and im from brazil , so my english could be bad , anyway…

1º Rust could have a trasmitter radio that you could speak with people in great ranges without using any program like Skype or Teamspeak
Note : to be used you will need to set a frequency that your friend can join.

2º Could Have a In-Game Map to , with time people explore the map and get to know the places and dont get lost anymore , but for new players its hard to play (you dont know anything about the game) and for anyone who start playing rust is hard to get your first sleeping bag , survive at night and other players , for those who start playing and dont have direction sense will be an awesome change a in-game map that displays your current location and coordinates , you can put marks and descriptions on this marks to remember where you passed and what have in these locations.

3º This is not just my suggestion but i have seen it in other topic , people saying about the night , u really cant see anything and if put a torch on you will die even if you are in late game because you can’t see Nothing , they also said that can have moon cycles with full light , medium light , and very low light but sufficient to view something

4º A very rare item can be added to , a Tripod to attach long range weapons and snipe , but will be usable only on windows not on open fields , and i think the rarity and costs of it will make it balanced.

Anyway thanks for Facepunch studios for an awsome game , ill bought a better processor just for playing this game without any “lag” and will be waiting for more Exciting updates

5º Party Status : you can see your friends life and status in distance , so in a clan fight or any other fight with friends you will not shot your friends because they are looking the same as the enemy it will give more organisation into fights
Note : If they are in distance names you ocupy a great space so instead of putting the name , you can put a Blue Star that will be easy to see in day light and in the night

i think the second point is a very good one as i am a new player that does not fully understand the game yet, it would be nice to see this being added to the game.

as for the other point i do not have enough experience so i rlly cant say anything about that.

I really apreciate your Reply , good game for you and good luck :slight_smile:

willl be nice :smiley: