Suggestions for Rust

I just wanted to post some suggestions to make Rust even cooler and better.

  1. Customization face,hair, facial hair, skin tone. (not everyone wants to be a skinny white bald dude xD)

2.No zombies (this may be a survival game and I may not be a developer but even I know this was not meant to be a zombie game.)

3.NEVER PUT LVLing AND XP! (The game is better without it… trust me)

4.Some day import it to Xbox, PlayStation, and if you can get it to work maybe even WII U (More money means more Updates meaning better stuff meaning more Players meaning more fun meaning more money for you guys, and the cycle keeps going)

  1. Vehicles (nothing big like tanks… NO TANKS. just stuff like small cars, jeeps, maybe a pickup truck. Heck even bicycles would be cool)

6.Deleting Walls (when you build a wall in the wrong place or want to build a room but walls are blocking it the owner of the walls should be able to take them down, they turn back into wood planks but the bad thing about taking down a wall is it half’s the wood planks, so lets say the wall took 4 planks, you get 2 back)

  1. more weapons (nuff said)

8.LOWER COST FOR SERVERS! (come on guys we dont want to start being like EA and Battlefield do we? That was annoying)

  1. More animals (we don’t just want wolfs, pigs and deer that give us… chicken… and bears that bark like dogs…???)

  2. In-game Leaderboards (yes yes it is realistic survival but it is needed, so we know if our friend is still in the game or if we need to report someone to the admin and we forgot part of their name or forgot how to spell it, stuff like that.)

that is all for now. This is not only my ideas, I was talking to a group of like 6 guys while playing Rust one day and we all loved these ideas. Take them or don’t. Just wanted to share my thoughts


Rivers, lakes, pipes, thirst

I hope this doesn’t turn out in another Counter-strike like FPS… leaderboards sure why not but as for the “no xping/lvling”, as long as it doesn’t creeple you in fighting i don’t see why not.

Leaderboards for this game just sounds stupid.

I did have an idea for a potential mod with experience and leveling. It was a thought I had concerning newer players not being able to do anything. Basically it works like this. New players start off at level 1 and gain experience for killing NPC’s and players. A level 1 can’t damage a player 4 or more levels above them and a higher level can’t damage a player 4 or more levels below them. So what this does is keep players on an even playing field because they could only pick on players around the same skill levels.

I don’t want this added as a feature in the game really. But I think it would be cool as a mod that some servers can use.

I would REALLY like if there was a way to “update” your server list, without having to make a complete new search… Like, if I want to see if a spot opens on a server in my history list, I still have to refresh every single server…

Also, manually refreshing the server list seems flawed - when I click refresh it goes to searching, but never finds anything… I then have to shut down the game for like, 5 minutes and then log back in to get a server list… :pwn: If you weren’t already aware updates are being posted here when they are on there way.

Point 8. Lower cost servers will come with time as the game gets more stable and more people etc etc, my friend is currently paying for a 50 man server at about £15 (UK) which isn’t to bad in the scheme of some games.


Something to replace zombies, NPC’s would be a great one some sort of faction that owns the town, some aggressive some not aggressive, possible trading system in game. Maybe some sort of roaming faction, as the map develops, Zombies atm stick to the same places apart from bugging on rocks and some buildings, they are just farming tools.

Game is in major need of some sort of map, even if it’s a map that has to be crafted out of the paper in the game, and something you have to develop over time through the game, the more you explore the bigger your knowledge gets.

You say no XP, but XP doesn’t have to be towards just yourself, it could be a group thing in regards to your development through weapons tools, and other such crafting. Would give a great dynamic if a good path was developed.

Vehicles, doesn’t again have to be just cars and the usual things, why not rafts, around the island? These could be crafted out of materials already in the game, some sort of cart (pulled by Pig Chickens, or Wolf Chickens, or even Bear Chickens), plenty of scope to vehicles within the game with a bit of imagination.

Again with Weapons, I’d like to see more defensive and trap based weapons, guns are great but it’s pretty simple one guns always better suited for certain things. I’d love to see bear traps, human trip wires, linked to building bases etc. Imagination again defines how big the scale of that one goes.

Everyone talks about thirst in survival games, but it doesn’t really add anything for me, the island currently is surrounding by water, and there are no streams or rivers or lakes so by adding them, you may add a dynamic that becomes exploited by one or two on the island and becomes a scarce resource. Saying that sounds a great PVP plot.

Mountains need veins, so that people can get resources, and advanced resources from them, like advanced ores for advanced machinery etc. Along with trees actually having some sort of use, we know everyone likes the piles of wood, why wouldn’t you?

A currently player list on the server, is obviously a given, along with a friends list, or faction list or whatever you want to call it. If were going down that route, maybe some faction colors, that could be imitated by the opposite faction (sneaky pvp).

Some sort of random event, that can cause drought or wildfires (maybe beyond Unity, I clearly don’t know)

Base’s need to be better developed, wood can’t attach to metal, well I can’t get it too, why? Other materials need to be included in this, like old tyres, branches, bones, bricks, rocks etc. (again imagination)

(Will add to this as I think of them.)

Garry Has said numerous times he doesn’t want to make another dayz.

I would suggest having a single player mode for those times a player doesn’t have an internet connection. that would be my main suggestion but other minor ones are: (some may be based of of mine craft features)

  • an in game change log, similar to that of the minecraft launcher, however in the main menu
  • a cheat mode. this would be if a single player mode was introduced. the cheat mode features could be along the lines of the Garry’s Mod spawn menu, plus invincibility and flying etc.
  • as previously mentioned, a customization menu of sorts, possibly in a tab at the main menu in which one can create different characters and be able to change that characters name
  • (i’m not sure if this exists) sever settings to choose how many, and the rate which zombies, resources and animals spawn
  • day and night time cycle settings
  • scopes (possibly a shorter range and long range variant)
  • a way to toggle the laser sight
  • maybe a missile launcher/RPG launcher (however there may need to be precautions for griefing etc with this)
  • zombie and animal variations
  • place able light sources (a torch which can be relighted with fuel?)
  • carbon (for the next few points)
  • bow variant (a compound bow, maybe based off of the micro midas browning 4 bow with attachments like a bow scope and carbon rods which stabilize the bow for accuracy)
  • higher quality arrows such as carbon fiber with hunting arrow heads and modern fletchings (
  • a crossbow (more powerful but slower with loading) with a crossbow will come bolts too
  • a weight system. people lugging tonnes of metal walls and shotguns will more slower than one with a hatchet (however food, ammo and other vital items should weigh nothing)
  • lightweight attachments for guns to make them lighter if the weight system is implemented
  • bodies with water along with fishing
  • decorations such as tables, chairs and candles (placeable light source)
  • (i’m fairly sure this one will be taken care of, regardless of if i mention it or not) multiple types of meat
  • not really an important one, but maybe some other maps? not many, just enough (like two more, but over time, not straight away) and hopefully modders can make maps too
  • some sort of economy? this ones a bit shakey cause it could easily get rid of the gritty survival feel to it but maybe just a merchant or two in a metal shack that sells a few things (not too many to get rid of the initiative to go do things other than barter, but just a few items that don’t give much advantage in PvP, and instead help build a house and a few scavenged items)

I’m gonna stop listing my ideas but i disagree with adding in vehicles because it will get rid of the gritty survival and you wouldn’t be able to go off road due to trees…

This game is going to be amazing. The game is already fun and it is still a alhpa, i want more custimzation too. I also think that crossbows, more varity of Rifles and shotguns, and even more hand pistols is going to make this game set itself apart from any other survial game. Also new maps or, it would be cool if the map we have is a huge one with the fall out it is already in, then there wpould be a jungle place, then desert, moutains, then a total nirvana with so many resourses or something.