Suggestions for Rust.

Hey there,

I want to say that Rust is a good game and definitely has a great potential. There are a few buts. I came here in the (naive) belief that this will be taken into account. Keep in mind, this is my list of suggestions, so here goes:

  • implement a system where someone declares that this is his/her home (for admins on the servers). Also, make it possible for homeowners to destroy anything placed on their house. And easily. It’s extremely stupid if someone decides to build around your doors.
  • include ‘building plans’ for your house, that damn paper could come to some use finally in Rust and it would allow for some in-game planning of building your base. Also, placing a pillar in the middle of the foundation is annoying as hell.
  • implement vehicles - would be nice if they were cheap to ride as well.
  • reduce the durability losess on everything, mainly weapons though.
  • more ammo created from gathered resources - it’s silly that it’s better to kill a bear with a bow when you have m4.
  • i heard something about implementing tf2 hats, so why not implement clothes that generally can have certain unique patterns and so on, so that clans have some sool distinctions between them. Also, if someone got killed, those clothes would adjust to their pattern/default so no goofying around as someone else.
  • implement a filter for regions for servers. Make a separate list for the ones you are playing on (as indicated by you).
  • allow for spawns near friends. Even though it’s a survival game, it’s still a game. No point in spreading people around the map.
  • include a compass! and make it possible that you can make your own map on paper or whatnot, just for fun.
  • add some more monsters (but i guess this one is an obvious one anyway)
  • more resources, since each game you start won’t last longer than a week maybe you could have bit more of those nodes for some c4s (yeah, also, why don’t you just name it C4 ?). Perhaps, some more key areas to gather stuff, so that players have to fight for someting more than an airdrop ?
  • improvements to the decay system, it would be nice to place those spikes for a bit longer, with a nice gate. Since this could be abused badly though, it’s just some vague idea.
  • NIGHTVISION. Just let it be added to the helmet, as a mod.
  • and last but not least, more building options. Base building is probably the coolest part of this game, and definitely makes it standout from other survival games out there. Stone bases perhaps? more options to build in some funky ways, and more options to build on slanted areas.

Over and out.
Thanks for reading, if you had the will to do it.