Suggestions for Tree Houses and other Structure additions

I’d like to see the ability to use a tree as your foundation in place of the ground. For example, attaching the Ceiling/Floor to any part of the tree then building upward from there.

Some additional structure pieces would be useful for this type of building:
Rope Ladders/Wood Ladders
Rope Bridges
Trap Doors

please. i love this idea. but to bring down the latter you would need somebody to drop it down from the top.

You know, this would have to be one of the rarer times that I actually fully support something. It’s certainly different and a rather unique idea. However, it likely wouldn’t be too secure like a house on thr ground would be.

Yeah, could be part of the risk. You’d need to leave it down when you’re out exploring, but I like the idea of being able to have the rope ladder up while you’re disconnected from the game.

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How would it be less secure? Other players would have to build up to your base to access it. Ground bases they can access right away.

you should be able to hatchet down the tree do the base and the tree falls overs and smashes and all the loot flys out like a pinata