Suggestions go here now? If so..

Since its all reorganized, not sure where the suggestion area is anymore. Maybe this could be the thread for all Experimental Suggestions?

I know this is a PITA but I have to ask. Would it be possible to make world models of food items that will show in the fire when cooking? Would it help if I said DayZ is doing it? Yes, I will admit its so I can see if that dubious player is cooking a Leg of Larry on his campfire.

i guess if were using this thread, there is a few things i was wondering about

Can we fix the movement animations, give our character a neck, so when he looks around it’s his head moving and not his entire torso, it seems fairly unnatural to be leaning back half way when looking up, and bending over when looking down, It’s just fairly annoying in my opinion.

As for other idea’s the experimental version is still very very very very early in development. So i will wait to see what happens next and maybe some things will come to mind. For now everything is looking great.

The suggestions subforum is still linked from the Rust General Discussion rules sticky, even after it was updated to point to the new forums, just FYI. Yes, that kind of hides it, but, it’s still there. I don’t know if we’re supposed to keep on using it or that was an oversight, though.