[Suggestions] Holsters and carried weaponry

Okay so first off, as it stands right now it is really hard to discern who is armed and who isn’t. I understand that this is ALPHA and you may already be planning this but I want to hear feedback on this idea. This is all considering that drawing a weapon is going to take a certain amount of time. You wouldn’t need a holster to carry a weapon, you could pull a Last of Us style shove the pistol in your pants, or have weapons have a sling of some sort. However this would mean you take a bit longer to reach and take out your firearm.
With a holster on your hip you can reach for your pistols much quicker than if you just shoved in in your pants since they are designed to be easily accessible, this means other players can see your weapon more visibly than if you just shoved it in your pants. Decisions decisions, do you craft a holster to get to your weapons faster, or do you decide to keep it concealed.

1. Crafting of Holsters and Quivers

A workbench would be required, and would take 25 seconds for the small holsters and 60 seconds for the large holster. 60 seconds to craft a quiver as well.
Let’s use up all that extra Leather guys.
10 Leather to craft a Small weapon/pistol/sidearm holster.
25 Leather to craft a Large weapon/rifle/long gun sleeve/holster.
40 Leather to craft a Quiver that holds 24 Arrows in one slot.

2.Usage of the holsters and the quiver
You can carry as many weapons as you have slots, but in order to get to them quickly you can craft a holster for them. You can carry 2 holsters for access to two different weapons, one large; one small. You must equip the holster and quiver just like armor or any other type of equipment. Another benefit of the holsters are that it can take up a whole new button on the hotbar perhaps the Q key could be the weapons set key. To keep the hotbar for food, tools, and medical equipment and so your pack won’t get bogged down by stuff that isn’t inside it.

The quiver holds more arrows, and allows for a faster arrow loading speed at the cost of allowing people so see you are packing.

Large weapons like the Bow, MP5, M4, Bolt Action Rifle, and Shotgun qualify to fit in the large holster. Pistols fit in the small holster.

The holsters can cut the time it takes to reach for your weapon by 15-30% depending on the type and size of the weapon. However it makes your weapons more visible. Pistols get the most benefit from this, and larger weapons get a smaller benefit. Precious seconds can save your life

Good idea? Bad idea? Talk about it. I’m just saying if we can’t stop dangerous people from killing each other at least make it possible to avoid them, know what I’m saying?

I had this idea a while ago, now i think that just having a primary and secondary weapon slot (1 and 2 in your hotbar) would be a lot easier and simple.

Well yeah but for the sake of visually being able to tell who could be a threat quickly as well as being able to spend all the the leather someone could build up this could work. Especially since it gives us more things to craft. Keep in mind I say a holster ISN’T mandatory to carry gun on your person. Just to get to them faster.

Y’know like you equip them in the weapons slot like a bunch of other games, but the holster serves for you and against you. Making you more noticeable to enemies and passerbys, but allows you to draw faster if it comes to that.