Suggestions & Ideas

Hello people!

I am going to give my ideas/suggestions of what could be added/removed from rust.

First things first I would love to see that world of rust either grow or possible have another island (non contaminated) made in the ocean with a bridge leading over to it that could be barricaded up (not completely) so we could go onto it, but with struggle. If this was done it could be made with extra loot spawns/rarer loot like Kevlar/C4/Guns+Ammo. However if these spawns would be on the island it would/could have to be heavily guarded by un-infected military AI that patrol around the island to make it a fun fight for the loot on the island for those players who decide to go in packing a fight, however for those that aren’t all about guns blazing, have it so that can make their own way onto the island without walking down the bridge and HAVING to fight their way through the Military. This is just a suggestion of mine.

Secondly, they could add more resource spawns and more building up out in the wastelands to give people more of a reason to build/adventure out in the wastelands, because at the moment as big as the map is, there is around 40% of the map with no loot spawns/resource spawns and nothing interesting out there to make adventurers explore. In my opinion there could be some radiation towns or areas where survivors could build around/ pre built survivor towns to help the new spawns have an earlier start without worrying about making a wooden shack for the first few days.

Finally, to do with the zombies, and what will be replacing them I have checked the poll votes, and I saw that most people would like a dinosaur to replace the red bears/wolves and zombies, but if you ask me that is just stupid that over 530 people would have dinosaurs in a apocalyptic game. I mean in my eyes what the hell are dinosaurs meant to be doing on a island full of radiation, they would have died already from them. In my opinion the wolves/bears should be replaces my either mutated animals/humans or military that are trying to keep the island secure of diseases. But along with replacing them near the radiation towns, they could have them in groups walking around the island at all times, weather it being military or mutated beings. This would add a more survivalist feel about the game, and make you be more weary of your surrounding when walking through an open field.

Like I said these are just my ideas and suggestions of what could happen with the following rust updates, they are most probably never going to happen but oh well, there could be a small chance that these get a second thought at. Let me know your ideas too down below, because some of these could get picked up on by the development team.

Thanks, S_Simple

40% of the map where is nothing?
Boy, that’s at least 70%. :v:

But well, they already work on a bigger map.

haha nice post, must have vehicles too though :stuck_out_tongue:
down with the “running simulator” tag !

When I am looting, not the radiation towns, but for resources everywhere I go I find loot EXCEPT in the far out wastelands behind hacker valley. So In my opinion for me it’s around 40% of the map loot empty. Other people have different thoughts because others, such as you cant find loot like me.

The devs already intend on populating resources evenly around the map; huge portions of it do not have resource spawns yet, but this will change. Thanks for the 285th thread suggesting it.

The devs have also stated they’re not particularly interested in making the replacement for zombies be another hostile bipedal humanoid like mutants or military.

I’m not a big fan on dinos in Rust, but I’ll take that over a bad ArmA clone.