Suggestions/Improvement Ideas

So in dealing with specific community members in the game, I’ve come across an issue that seems to bother me. We are on a PvP server, and we have a clan and everyone with us has our clan tag before their name with { } around the clan name. We had a group of guys we were helping out build within our city only to turn on us a week later. That’s fine and whatnot, part of the game and all. But then we clear them out and we try to be somewhat friendly to people we come across like nakeds. The traitors who we ran out of our town then immediately can change their name, add our guild tag and either spam chat trashing our clan and players trying to get us banned, or they make it something random again and when we let this unknown person live out in resource valley they turn and kill us. Then go and do it all over again. There should be either a time limit on changing name, or make clan tags somehow an official thing you have to enable or something. Or don’t make your name changeable once you’re on a server at all. So if you KOS people for days and then decide you want to change your name and do it again, you can’t.

Another thing is the doors. The same thing with somehow enabling clans, or makeshift groups, to be able to decide who can and cant open your doors. Or something. because having to have every single person open and close their own doors is getting to be a pain. We all have 5-10 metal doors before our crates to be safe. Then multiply that times 15 guys and you have to spend the resources for 75-150 metal doors instead of having that same 5-10 before a communal area. Something should be different so that being on a team can have some kind of base security. Instead of having to all build separate bases because of the door situation or needing a huge area to make enough doors if we all want to have a way to enter the base.

Also, the foundations should have a higher tolerance of some sort, because we have rarely found a spot that is level enough to build like a 5x5 base. We wanted to build a wall around our base too, and the slightest of hills made a wall impossible. Then we also would have to have 15 gates in it to be sure anyone of us could get in at any time. I feel like the game caters to groups of 2-4 people in these aspects, and not really larger clan based groups. Just some opinions so far. Feel free to add more ideas, agree, disagree, etc! The game has been EXTREMELY fun so far though. Just work on getting the hackers/aim botters off of the servers forever!