[Suggestions] improving rust together

Hi all,
This is a group of ideas that I think is worth talking or deepen, certainly not all ideas are mine but I think it’s fair to group the more I liked and an saver for you to think.

1. No one was born learned
In this case I mean the elaboration of system objects.
currently objects have a durability, but have no idea how hard it really create a pipegun, a bow, munition, is not exactly simple to create a stone ax, for which reason if the first time you fabricate an object x is very probable that its quality is lower than if
they already manufactured 20 influlle in which the characteristics of the object itself as well as its durability qualities.
**[example ] **leather shirt made ​​by hand or first time will have a lifespan of 60 and protection will inferiror 30% to which we manufacture for the fifth time which will have 80 durability, and protection of 80% of a leather shirt made ​​after 20 fabrications.
There is a limit on the quality of the object set by the current characteristics of the shirt.

2. Dismantle things and recycle materials
you’re going to hunt ready with your bow, arrows, covered in cloth and stone ax, but find another player after a hot exchange of arrows you manage to kill him, but you’re bleeding to your surprise you have bled moriras bandages alone tines your clothing and loot other player. would not be logical to tear the shirt creating cloth for a bandage?
likewise, did it get 3 pipegun but you do not need so many, only i expect to earn you getting stolen -.- 'NO !!! the mess in your furnace melting it into fragments of metal.

3. Alert at night
near your desk next to the window factories some items to enhance your humble home, but suddenly you see a flare illuminating light near your house. surprise want to steal, taking advantage of the darkness
but before you placed this bengale trap that lets you see through the window and attack the enemy.

4. Cultivating to live
plow the ground to plant your corn sprouts. rice. tomato. and medicinal herbs. view days pass as they grow (plants take time to grow not repeat should NOT be immediate). apacionante and risky simply because they can steal or destroy your crops XD this makes your life has more meaning in the world of rust.

5. Chests
Great concept and seen rust that can write a certain amount of characters in the chests. i love his idea. I was born and a new one: a lock or latch to the hood.
concideren that can be opened but first deven find and take the key, force or destroy the box with everything in it [if I do not get what I will get one XD].

6. trap badabomm
An uncovered my house are 2 days that ienen and inentan raidarme but I managed to craft and three grenades. crafteare know some thread and will put some traps in the main hallway at the door and another inside one of the chests = P if they enter the house be disappointed. bujajajajaj malefic laughter.

7. We use charcoal and paper
paper and charcoal in hand shall begin to map, this issue is discussed and re-discussed but do not claim that the map tell me where I intend to draw i consult to give me a general idea.
these maps can be copied from others and destroyed.
the same way deceo leave a note in the trunk just steal that’s like a mockery that comes after me or warning.
I copy bluprints if heard right my friend got a bp i both work the encotro team in porch and estudarla not copy both ???

8. Trap arrow t
all traps are removable and I would like to put some in the vicinity of my territory but pomegranates are overpriced and have enough talent to get by with a bow, arrow and a cord because i do not ???
check out this link: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1422188

9. Melee battles
why not a shield, this is a great idea that needs development in my opinion.
Link: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1421103

I love the work of garry and his team and the first time in a game really feel that I am part of the development. thanks again outside maintain backward not to end users and rest assured that despite being an alpha is eljuego that more and enjoyed in many ways.

I hope we can have a good discussion about this; I’d love to see the flaws and strengths of this ideas.
Just try not to say some thing like “this are a stupid idea”. Instead, say something like “this are a bad idea because of x, y, and z.”

I like your ideas. My only suggestion is to try and clean up your sentences. There are spelling errors that make some of it unreadable.

I know you bleed eyes to read my cute English XD sorry for thats.
if you could tell me where I could improve would really appreciate it.

It’s not limited to spelling but words that seem to not fit (all paragraphs).

Also, I assume you are referring to Experimental?

I totally agree. Pomegranates are definitely overpriced in Rust.

yes i talk abaut experimental.

i think the culprit is google translate. sometimes it puts words that really don’t fit in.