[Suggestions] Just my ideas

Everything that is currently in the game is fair and reasonable. Nothing should be taken out. Some of the things i say might have been suggested by others, but oh well. I wonder if they even read these…

  • Reinforced walls
  • Reinforced doors
  • Explosives should be even more rare to find.
  • Some huge fields have zero resources mostly areas not close to the road. Add a lot more resource spawns, but up the respawn time.
  • Chainsaw (30x Wood from wood piles/chance to get 3x wood from trees)
    This introduces gas and oil
    -Claymore (1 second delay after touched, and either kill you instantly, or take out your legs and you’d be crawling and bleeding severely) This item could be crafted, but the items for it are rare. You shouldn’t be able to spam these anywhere you’d like, so if it’s fairly rare, people would place them by their base rather than somewhere random.
    This can introduce a metal detector into the game.
    -Digging underground (When a player is underground, a suffocate bar pops up by where the health bar is, and after a while starts to go down. When it hits 0 you start to lose HP. If you don’t want to suffocate you could place an oxygen tank under which lasts for 15 minutes. (Pretty sure that’s 1 night/1 day in Rust) You’d have to fill it up again. The oxygen tank can’t be crafted and would be rare also.)
    Introduces shovel, and oxygen tank.
    -Party System (On the menu there should be a “Create a Party” where you may invite your steam friends and you would be able to spawn in the same location)
    Or just map a map so it’s easier to find people.
    -Poison Darts or any other kind of dart (These could be crafted, and you’d need to catch a snake and extract the poison out of it)
    Introduces snakes, cages?, jars? into the game.
    -Taming animals (You can tame any animal, but certain animals are harder to tame than others. Taming bears would obviously be a tiny chance, and taming dogs or wolves would have a higher chance. )
    Introduces a chance system into the game, a long with wild dogs.
    -Farming (Self explanatory… everybody wants a farm.)
    -Top tier metals like titanium (Very rare to find, but you could be able to make titanium walls and or door where it would be basically impossible to take out)
    If i have any more ideas I’ll think of some…