[Suggestions] Megaphone

We have a Guitar, we have a Camera, and now I would like a Megaphone.

We all know what a Megaphone is and does and in RUST it would (when equipped) send your voice further than current voice chat does. Also in the direction you are facing of course, and much louder!

I do not want this in order to rick roll people more effectively, its purely in the interests of improving the game for all. No one mentioned Rick Astley. Well I did just then but it was coincidental.

I think its been mentioned before, being 3/4 deaf i doubt i’d find any use for it.

Someone on a Megaphone “Hey! Hey you! i’m talking to you! what are you deaf?”

Me “What?”

was suggested about 5 days ago, and a few weeks before that jen. i like the idea, but it’s nothing new;)

risks being spammed, but that could be fun in itself if you made it ranged like voice chat (as suggested).

Well damn other people thinking of stuff before me :frowning: