Suggestions (NOT A KEY BEG)

I really don’t like making a new thread, but since I haven’t seen anyone posting about this before, here goes nothing.

#1. Weapon durability
-Add a meter to show current weapon durability, a simple green/red bar thingy or a percentage
-As weapon durability gets lower the accuracy/rate of fire/damage gets worse. Considering the fact that weapons are made out of scrap, this makes sense imo.
-Eventually the durability gets to 0 and the weapon breaks, maybe leaving some fragments.

#2. Blueprint/Attachment/Weapon rarity
-As I type this I recall having a pile of weapon blueprints just lying in my boxes.
-Weapon blueprints are too common as of now, I kinda get the fact that the game is still in early stages and everything will change, but weapon blueprints are still insanely common.
-Attachments, or mods, are a rare find, perfectly rare. The blueprints are even rarer, which is good.
-Research kit is rare too, as it should be.

#3. Too much USEFUL stuff
-Every single item has its use. One might think that this is good and bla bla bla, but the thing is, you get loot every time you loot something (duh…) and every item has a use. The problem here is that it’s too easy.
-If there were useless items (empty vodka bottle, used condom etc.) people would need to scavenge more, kill more animals and less people.

#4. Some new weapons (don’t be mad)
-I LOVE the weapons in Rust at this stage. Needless to say, having no snipers in the game makes it playable.
-However, seeing as Rust is post-apocalyptic game, a few post-apocalyptic weapons would be nice to see. A knife/sword/machete and a bow-type weapon.
-Melee weapons are always nice, as of now we only have pickaxe and hatchet, which are tools. How about a sword or a knife? A weapon dealing more damage but can’t be used as a tool.
-Bows, arrows, bullet-drop (or arrow drop), all that stuff. Slower to fire than other weapons, but requires wood and cloth to make.

REMEMBER THIS: These are only my suggestions, you don’t have to agree with them, you don’t have to like them.

And in case you’re wondering, I do have a key.


Used condoms sound good.

I’d get as many of them as I can and plant them all in a pile inside my house, then when some guy tries to break in he’ll just see me lying down in my pile of used condoms