Suggestions On How To Actually Fix Melee

The Devs keep adding these incredibly cool looking melee weapons to the game, but no one ever uses them. Why? It’s not just because people are just used to other weapons or because those weapons are overpowered, it’s because melee weapons in this game are absolutely fucking useless. IE, they’re underpowered as hell. Unlike the other weapons in the game, none of these weapons have one important thing: the ability to effectively do damage. Because of the fact that everyone runs at the same speed, weapons in this game require range. Melee weapons, except for the spear with it’s throwing ability, have no range whatsoever. Not to mention it doesn’t help that most melee weapons have pitiful damage compared to other weapons anyways. This all just makes Melee weapons completely ineffective and useless.

So here’s how to fix this:

1.) The most fundamental aspect that all this comes down to is range. Because everyone runs at the same speed in this game, range is pretty much needed to effectively deal damage. How about instead we simply just make it so that having some sort of Melee Weapon out gives you and increase in speed. There may be several problems with it, such as everyone just roaming around with a Melee Weapon, but I’m sure you could always find solutions for this like making it so that the speed boost only applies combat (when someone has use a melee weapon near you, or someone shoots a bullet around you.

2.) Once again, the main aspect of melee not being useful is the fact that their range is terrible. To be able to even have a chance at dealing damage, you have to close the range between you and the target, give your target ample time to shoot arrows at you or pull out a gun and shoot you in the head. What I suggest here is basically just adding a shield. This would protect you from arrows coming your way, and if you put in a tiered system, a metal shield could even potentially shield you from pistol rounds, and a reinforced shield could even provide you with limited protection against rifle rounds. This protection would allow you to close the distance between you and your enemy more safely. Honestly, this would also provide a lot of interesting gameplay, because, for example, there could be clans out there who have dedicated “shield walls” to protect their forces from the enemy.

I actually think both of these could work on their own as a solution to the melee problem, but a mix of these two would actually provide a lot to fix Melee. I mean, for example, you could make it so that if a player has a shield boost on

However, that’s just to fix melee. To make it actually interesting and fun to use, you could do this:

3.) Buff the damage/DPS of Melee. I want to be able to kill a completely naked, 50% hp fresh spawn in at least 2 hits with the lower tier melee. In fact, what I suggest is to make it so that there are different “classes” of weapons based on their damage, namely what I’m suggesting is Heavy, Medium, and Light. Heavy melee weapons are usually pretty big, slow to attack weapons with huge amounts of damage, such as big clubs, warhammers and two-handed swords. They wouldn’t provide much of a boost in speed (if you were to implement that), and/or couldn’t use sheilds (or maybe they could, it could just be a shield that doesn’t provide as much of a boost compared to others). Light weaponry is weaponry that is small, quick to attack weapons that provide a relatively small amount of damage that they can quickly make up with a high attack rate, such as daggers or hell even a short sword or small hatchet. They would bring the biggest boost of speed and/or would allow you to use shield that covers a good part of your body, at the cost of your speed bonus and/or a small decrease in your attack rate. Medium weapons are essentially the inbetweeners. They aren’t big but they aren’t small. They provide an amount of damage somewhere inbetween Heavy and Light. These weapons would be like longswords, hammers, and axes. On top of that, you could make it so that you could add these classes to the current blueprint tier, allowing at least one weapon of every class to appear in every tier, and the higher tier you get the better the weapon gets. With that in place, or even just buffs to melee weapons across the board, along with the previous fixes, I think Melee gameplay would improve greatly.

4.) Make it so weapons have different reach. Adding in substantially different weapon reach to different weapons makes so much sense. A two handed warhammer would have a much different reach to that current machete thing. Even better, you could combine this idea with the idea to add even more interesting gameplay, because you could have two different weapons in a single class in a single tier, allowing for different weapon reaches between those two.

I seriously think the devs should focus on actually improving Melee gameplay before actually adding anymore, and they certainly should improve Melee gameplay because I’d love to be able to dash screaming across the field with a Fallout-Style Hydraulic Sledge Hammer, bludgeoning my enemies to death without mercy, but that just isn’t possible with current gameplay.

Anyways, this post was made at 1 in the morning when I’m incredibly tired so if there’s any grammatical mistakes or gaps in the logic or even stuff that doesn’t exactly make sense, then that’s why. I’ll try to take a look at it in the morning when I have time.

I would love it if people who have other alternatives or further suggestions would post them below by the way.

An idea in regards to movement speed is to implement that thing in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare where when you look at the back of a player who is fleeing you gain a speed boost, quickly covering the ground between you two to engage.

They need to change the speed you can run whilst you are looking down sights or charging an arrow. Since you can run backwards as fast as you can forwards whilst aiming and firing melee has no chance. Lower the mobility of range weapons would be a start in the right direction and then see if further changes are needed.