Suggestions on how to fix FPS dropping to 0 (freezing)

I’ve gotten used to the random lag. I’ve gotten used to the hackers. I’ve gotten used to the hostile players. I find myself doing very well
where i can hunt animals with bullets and not being afraid of running out, while wearing kevlar, ect. The only issue I have and
tends to be my downfall are random drops in my FPS. It primarily happens when my game is trying to load near by buildings
AND unload them (as you walk away, they become no longer in your sight, simply because they’ve been unloaded).
Buildings as the ones people build through pillars, foundation, and walls. It’s usually the ones that are gigantic and ones
that tend to have those giant towers that shoot into the sky. It wouldn’t be an issue if there were just a couple, but
they can be found all over the map, and often grouped together. So no matter where I go and turn, I’m bound
to freeze up at some point.

Tends to freeze for about 1-10 seconds based on how many buildings are being loaded and big they are,
Usually multiple small buildigns are find, but multiple giant ones do it. Plus, it unfreezes, it’s not a crashing issue.

Long story told, so pointless making it short lol. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

It’s probably an issue with the game’s engine. There are many other flaws, related or not to FPS drops… I’m not sure if it can be fixed, all I do is pray.

** People that will say "IT’S FUCKING ALPHA DUDE* - just don’t. The forum is here so the devs know what is bad and what’s good about the game in all aspects, I’m not saying “f*ck you all lazy rich devs” **

Exactly. I know it’s in alpha,but I’m just asking people if they know any tricks as to how they may have handled it, or fixed it. Or maybe people are suffering from the same thing and are looking for answers

I do have similar problems on servers where there are a lot of people and buildings, but it doesn’t drop to 0 FPS, I’ll just lag really bad. And obviously, we all know it’s in alpha do the game isn’t completely optimized yet but wort out our feedback how can they improve?

I think it’s just an optimization issue.

You can switch to a server with fewer large buildings (lower pop), or even to one running mods which limit the size of buildings (probably only a few dozen of these so far, and not easy to find but try looking on Oxide forums)… Otherwise you’re stuck waiting for Facepunch to change the code to alleviate the issue.

It’s early Alpha and not optimized at all. That is the bottom line of why things are how they are.

I would bet my left testicle, which is my favorite testicle, that the Devs are fully aware of the lag and fps drops. There’s no way that they’re not aware of them. The problem is indeed that this is ALPHA.

OP, be patient and give it time. It’s Alpha and not optimized.

They’re trying to find a way to slowly load buildings instead of loading them all at once

I have never ever had a lag issue with a server loading in buildings. They load instantly and don’t put a single hitch in my game.

Then you are fortunate to be an exception sir. A brand new $1500 computer with a $350 graphics card (at decent prices not a ripoff place) can still easily stutter on loading large buildings in Rust as it currently stands. It’s not even a client issue in the most extreme cases, but in fact the amount of information needing to be sent from server to clients at building load-time (client entering the render distance limit) exceeds the buffer and lags out the client while it’s waiting for the server to send the rest of the information.

Doesn’t matter how much grunt you have under the hood, an unoptimised game can still stutter or lag.

Its not that I don’t believe you, OK I don’t.


I have the building loadin lag found on high pop servers with a:
4770k (overclocked)
R9 290 (overclocked)
16Gb RAM (overclocked)
4Gb RAM disk (with Rust on it)
250Gb SSD
80mbit fibre internet.

I get jittering when entering areas with huge builds, I can only imagine how bad it is for people on the average laptop etc.

Its just a unfortunate trend with today’s games, “worry about it later, we got beartraps to add”.

In my opinion this game is not alpha, it is simply a proof of concept.

Like he said, you are either lying or just a lucky minority. I can run late 2013 and new 2014 games on the highest settings with no issues. My computer is decked out to be an amazing PC gaming tool.

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Thanks for all the replies! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who suffers. I understand it’s alpha and un-opitmized, but I was just curious if anyone knew any tricks as to how to handle it. I got most of the guns and c4, and other useful stuff ont he server I have, and would hate to leave it all lol