Suggestions on identifying enemies & allies

Well, We all know that it very difficult to identify player names do to the incredibly short name render distance, Well what if there was a system that you could select certain players and add them to a group, when they are within a range of lets say 150 meters there name would appear as a bright green name, Or, what if you could tag players using your “crosshair” (Center of screen, There isnt an official crosshair) Now there would be 2 keys, for this example we will use the period and comma key. If you are aiming at a player through your sights and press the “.” key it would create a red triangle over there name signifying that they are an enemy, If you lose sight of them because they duck behind a tree or behind some cover, the triangle would dissapear. This would help to identify enemies at range to help your squad. Now if you are aiming at a player and press the “,” key there would be a green circle that is above there head signifying friendly. Now here are some issues with fixes.

-The red triangle, it would have to be visible to all players within a certain distance (150M maybe?)
-The green circle, ONLY visible to players on your “friends list” (More on this below")
-Players would have to completely break line of sight for the triangle to dissapear (Meaning they can not be visible AT ALL)

The friends list:
The friends list would be done by either a menu or a command, Sort of like /do coords, but this would be /do addfriend (player name) to view your friends list it could be something like /do viewfriendlist to remove a friend it could be like /do removefriend (playername)

Now just because they are your friend doesnt mean they cant be damaged by you, Friendly fire is of course ON.

Let me know what you guys think :smiley:

Nah, clothing would be better in my opinion.

Red names, Blue names

Red = Enemy
Blue = Friendly

Easy enough right? Just have to make the visible distance on the name a lot farther than it is now.

You forgot white name = neutral/didn’t do anything to help or hinder you.

If it were a game more based on teams fighting each other, great idea! But personally, since this is a survival 1 vs all game, I don’t think there should be any name high lights at all. I feel highlighting the names means, once you are spotted it’s best you just fight because he will see your name and just track you down wherever you go. I feel it would be better to have no overhead name (unless you added something in-game that would “track” your target via luminescent shots, tracker bullets, ect) and add the action of tracking your enemy or attempted to hide from your enemy after being sighted.

In my opinion I think things like this take away from the game. Unfortunately it may be the only way to do so unless the devs can create a system such as clothing that can be implemented and utilized by everyone. Also, with clothing that also means that you need a wide variety of clothing to place into the game. Nothing is stopping other players from dressing up in your group’s colors.

Good point! Colored clothing could be used by all players, but if you are teaming up, you could coordinate by color pants/shirts/shoes/hats, giving you an ability to separate friendly from enemy, leaving it up to judgement rather than the game doing the judging for you.

Yeah clothing would be pretty cool, I like everyones suggestions, ill update the post in a few

Once they add VOIP this shouldn’t be as much of a problem.