Hey! I have been playing rust since legacy! and I’ve come to love this game. Rust is such a prefect idea for a game, but without the community this game isn’t much, that’s why i hope to at least hear back from you guys at facepunch.

Okay, here’s some things that you guys should add! ( in my opinion )

Ok, I’m going to start off with something small but something that has always bugged me.
When you wear long sleeve clothing you cannot see it when in first person,
If you have gloves on, they are not visible when holding a tools, like the bow for an example ( this is just always bugged me and i don’t know why ).

I think it would be nice to see more resources in rust, or more things to smash asides rocks and trees. I think it would be cool to see some new nodes.

Another thing that I would be happy seeing is something like a compass, or maybe a coordinate system so its easier trading etc. this would be a lot better than meeting at the sphere every time.

All my friends I play rust with all agree that rust should have cave systems, with better nodes, loot etc. Maybe harder NPC’s that are not just for op players? cough cough like the chopper Cough cough . I think it would be cool seeing close quarters combat down there.

If I’m not too far gone already It would be neat to see things that are intractable or something.
Ex: instead of trees disappearing they fall to the ground dealing damage to entities or walls it comes in contact with.
Ex: Monuments have parts that can fall or break or explode…

Another thing to add to monuments, ANYTHING!. right now there just their for looks & loot. I think their should be a better reason to have control over that area/monument.

Peace <3

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Leave feedback! Debate and trash talk these ideas until we get some nice things out of this xD

Some good points made here. I think the arms will be edited in a later state. You also only see the arms, not your body.

Cave systems - not so sure about that
Compass - is integrated in the map

I especially like your tree Idea. You could try and make a tree fall on a house to damage it or get on top.

Lmao I did not know their was a compass on the map. Thanks for the update xD… And it kind of does seem a little sloppy to have underground monuments/areas, but i enjoy exploring downwards, xD… Anyhow thanks for the reply!

a while back (someone, i think frank walls) suggested a new loot point for salvage. this would be used to complete the higher tier gear that required specialised parts, such as aks and c4, and consist of broken down cars, generators etc.

i think a few more resource types could be good, but they need to be careful not to flood it too much.