so its been a month since my last post. i won’t go into why its been so long. i have had a lot of time to think about the game as it progressed in that time.

Now i know everyone is entitled to change their minds. But i thought the whole point of rust was freedom in game play. forcing people into communities is not freedom. right now as it stands a single player doesn’t have the time to farm craft build and defend his/her self.

being in a community of people should be a choice not something we have to do. just to have a chance in the game. i understand this is a multiplayer game ,but to it feels like its turning into a mmo and frankly the more it becomes grindy the less people want to play it.

at least those who aren’t blind fan boys who see nothing but positives without looking into the negatives.

now i am not saying rust shouldn’t be hard. i am saying we already have enough to deal with/from the community which has become as toxic as poison these days.