So first off these are some of my suggestions of the features I would like to see in the game.I went and read thru the forum to see what people suggested to be added into the game I will add these features and credit the ones that came up with the idea.
I realize the game is in early development so some of the suggestions will probably make it into the game since its a logical future feature of the game (probably).

I will be updating this post as me or other people get more ideas that I think would be a good adition to the game.

Forgive me for my spelling mistakes if I make any.

1.Map/compass - We know this is coming in an soon update and its a simple feature that will be implemented. A suggestion that the map would be in pieces and that you have to colect the pieces to make the map would be a nice fit to the post-apocalyptic theme of the game,maybe using ducktape to combine the pieces and then when you open the map you would see all the pieces conected by ducktape,another feature with the map would be personal marking of areas of importance to the player,such as the O with the X in DayZ.If the player that has a map gets killed those marking would stay on the map for other people to see,thus making a cool way to find other peoples houses/stashes.

2.Local/Global/Voice chat - One of the problems of the game right now is not being able to communicate with people that are near you.Personally I would love if the game had local voice chat,but for now even local chat would be nice. I am not sure if the unity engine supports VOIP or not or that its even planed by the devs to put VOIP into the game anyways.Global would work in the senes that if a player finds a radio only people that have a radio would hear the message/voice with the possibilty of frequences ex. if the sender of the message is on freq. 1 only people that are on freq. 1 in the world would hear the message/voice,players can even come together and decide which freq. would be “Trade chat”.

3.Custom clothes/appearance - Another problem is if you see a guy running in the distance and the surrounding area and the houses belong to your friends you can’t tell if that is your friend or a possible enemy. One of the features that were suggested on the forum was a possibility of making custom armbands,personally that sounds like a great idea,I will credit you if I find your post.Making people spawn with random clothes and finding clothes in the world would be nice features.

4.More building resources/destructibility - Both of these will be in the game as far as I know (destructibility of the doors is allready in the game).

5.More guns/armor/attachemts - Right now there are 6 weapons not including the hatchet. The M4 is the dominant weapon,would like to see some diversity (maybe an AK that has more recoil but more damage,additon of a hunting rifle/sniper rifle/rifle with ironsights),maybe some new melee weapons that can get upgraded ex. like a baseball bat with nails. Custom colors for the weapons (maybe a editor that allows you to change color and add custom signs to your clothes,armor and weapons?) . More ammo types - incindinary/explosive/poisoned etc. Some new attachments like a ACOG/Red dot sight or a 4x scope. By GhillexMist: Crossbow (Maybe a good begginer weapon,or a silent killer for the stealthy type)

6.Custom tabs for clothes and armor - Another suggestion by someone on the forum,will credit you if I find the post. The basic idea is to have two columns in the TAB screen one for armor and one for clothes.

7.Bigger spawn areas - Also will be fixed in the future.

8.Safezones - Areas on the map where PVP is off and trading is the main focus. Controled by the npc’s the safezone would get attacked by mutated creatures (npc’s) and if the players and the friendly npc’s dont defend the attack off the safezone would get overrun and become usless until somebody cleans it up. If you don’t fancy npc’s replace them with players (the friendly npc’s).
Edit: Seems as if people don’t fancy this feature,only if it is small enough and if its player driven,I agree.

9.Economy - I wont get into details but some sort of a economy that would work in the safezones and with other players,either being some kind of currency in the game or by just trading 50 wood for a biscuit (the second option works better with the post-apocalyptic theme,like the economy in S.T.A.L.K.E.R).

10.Special tools for gathering special resources - Pretty self-explanatory.

11.By: Sgt_Zypher - Abillity to go fishing - Gives you an additional way of getting food.
- Decorative items for homes - Chairs,Tables etc.
- More Animals and animal foods (right now only chicken breasts)
- More Vegetation - Berries,Fruits,Vegetables etc.
- Ability to plot the ground and grow your own food
- Ability to break objects you built yourself (at a faster rate or with a special tool)
- Get some wood back for breaking YOUR OWN objects
- Players that die turn into zombies or mutated creatures

                    Check out his whole post: [](

12. Change the way building is done - Instead of the object apearing instantly make so that when you place a object it takes time to build but lower the time the object needs to get crafted. This way people are in more danger when buidling and make building more risky and at the same time stop griefers covering your house with objects.

13.Doors with codelocks - A confirmed additon in the future.

14.Nametags can be seen from bigger distance - Until the integration of a clothing system.

15.Traps / Home-made defenses by Mogs - love this guy :smiley: His post: Go here to talk more about traps,not going to go into detail.

16.Professions - In the sense of somebody in the group being a “Armorer - his crafting time of armor is lowered by half and a bonus to overall damage resistance” or a “Medic - Crafting of medical equipment lowered by half and heal items heal double the normal effect” or “Gatherer - Gatheres Resources at a double rate,smelting time is halfed” you get the idea.

Edit: Found this post of Nosopo on the forum,he is talking about professions and skills in his post so go check that out if you want:

17.Weather changes - Rain decreases visibility, Snow makes you walk slower, possibilty of getting sick etc.

18.Towns/Villages/Camps/Endgame - Camps can be controled by AI (bandits) and if you clear a camp the loot spawns in the middle.

-A good endgame/endgoal would be making a town surounded by walls with a working economy and a mayor / towns guard.
-Fighting with other towns around the map or trading with them.
-Towns control villages around their property and offer protection for resources or a fee.
-The lone wolf type can become an assasin that kills people for money or items,maybe a thief that trys to sneak into the town and steal.
-Or simply make a house in the woods and play as a bounty hunter or a bandit.
-A group of bandits can make a hidden camp in the woods and harass the towns,and can become mercenarys that work for a rival town.
-A city designer that allows you to make a city and then with the correct resources place it into the world and allow players to buy houses in those towns is a another idea(similiar to the clothing/armor/weapons editor).

Some of these ideas may not be technologically possible with this engine or the devs feel that this is not the way they want the game to go but it dosent hurt to throw some ideas out there.

These are just some of my ideas that I’ve brainstormed,feel free to leave your sugestions in the reply’s and if I feel they are good I will add them into the list.

Update 0.1

19.More landscapes - Not sure if the island will stay like this forever but adding a ravine or a river would break the monotomy of the plains and mountains we see right now (Probably some little caves in the sides of mountains? As suggested by Rama214). An underground cave system where people can live would be pretty cool (sounds a bit minecraft-ish but hey) .

20. Destructible and renewable trees as suggested by Problematic_ - (read his reply just a bit down,has some good reasoning about the other suggested features aswell.) We’d see just how quickly Rust Island turns into Easter Island, and how wars develop around recycling whatever is left. Maybe it leads to famine, faster hunger death, and weather changes as well. - As said by Problematic_

21.Flags - Flags that would be above a house/town that represent a faction/town/group and after that town or house gets conquered the people that conquered the town can take down the flag and put their own.

22.Addition of Gasmasks and areas with highly toxic air - Similliar to areas with raddiation but instead of radiation they have toxic air around the compound. Can only be entered with a gasmask,the compound can have both radiation and toxins and be a place for end game loot.

Some technical/other issues

  • Less sluggyish/laggy movements.

  • Better optimization of the game (fixing the FPS lag on lower to mid end machines).

  • Armor is a bit weak as of now (I don’t really see a diffrence when im wearing armor and when im not, only a small change when wearing half kevlar half lether armor).

Update 0.2

**23.Binoculars **

24.Enter the amount of resources you want to craft without the need to click 250 times (ex. gunpowder)


Other issues as of June 29th

  • Invisible players.

  • Wood costs for buidling parts are too expensive (takes alot of time to make a decent house).

  • Wood piles need to spawn more often or more woodpiles in an area.

Update 0.3

26.Skinny and fat player models with diffrent attributes - Teleskop

27.Buildings decay over time - Teleskop

Link to whole thread by Teleskop:

28.Islands - Islands on the ocean that can get accesed by boats/swimming or by bridges (either player made or pre built ones).

29.Boats and other forms of transportation - Boats can be objects in the world just like the car in the game,needs fuel to run.

(Save the woodpiles,rocks and doors from bleeding,they have feelings too :frowning: )

I wouldn’t want voice communication when the game holds lots of people on the server you wouldn’t hear much

Not if it’s across a limited area that simulates normal human hearing range. You logically shouldn’t be able to hear people talking from 500 feet away, but if you’re walking directly past or near them that’s a completely different story. Proximity voice chat would make general communication far faster and easier, allowing people to state their friendly status in a far shorter time that could mean the difference between making a friend and dying to a rightly suspicious person while you’re busy typing. It’d also making communicating with allies much faster (and potentially more dangerous when someone is listening in secretly). Overall, proximity voice chat would make some things a lot less annoying.

Also dicks spamming with soundboards, although if you had an ignore option, these people would quickly become KOS targets.

First, kudos on your numbering… uh, system. (Get some sleep!) Second, given the whole point is survival and mistrust…

1. Map/compass: the community is already creating its own maps, rendering the engineering of this feature obsolete. A compass should be crafted like everything else. Until you figure that out, you should be using the sun, the moon, and your memory.

2. Local/Global/Voice chat: proximity voice chat would certainly make things easier, but at the expense of Rust’s objective. It’s an experiment to see how hundreds of strangers behave when thrown into a world of minimum-viable survival mechanisms. Players will discover methods of building communities or distrust/war on their own, as they already have (somewhat) by using flares + crouch in a sort of primal expression of submission.

3. Custom clothes/appearance: All that said about proximity chat, I’d support this as a minimum-viable mechanism. Though sacrifices must be made to the core mechanics. Colors are limited, and you should be able to swipe them from dead players.

4. More building resources/destructibility: as much as we’d like a sense of permanence and security, they only alleviate fear, which is the core motivator in Rust.

5. More guns/armor/attachments: ya, whatever – CoD it all you like. Let’s just add Hueys and hang gliders and drones while we’re at it.

6. Custom tabs for clothes and armor: Sure.

7. Bigger spawn areas: Sure.

8. Safezones: A thousand times no. Again, defeating the whole point. Grow a pixely pair.

9. Economy: If the community wants one, it’ll figure out the trust mechanisms to do so itself. That, again, is the whole point.

10. Special tools for gathering special resources: Extra hassle might be necessary when the available resources from the dead are too numerous.

11. Fishing: makes sense.

12. Decorative items for homes - Chairs, tables etc. wtf is this, IKEA Island?!

13. More Animals: Decorative. It’s all the same foodstuff.

14. More Vegetation - Berries,Fruits,Vegetables etc.: Decorative.

15. Ability to plot the ground and grow your own food: And destroy your neighbor’s food. Most interesting idea I’ve heard all day.

16. Ability to break objects you built yourself (at a faster rate or with a special tool): I foresee fantastic ways to game this feature, but yes.

17. Get some wood back for breaking YOUR OWN objects: Recycling, dig it. Would make sense to lose a bit of material when recycling. See idea @ end.

18. Players that die turn into zombies or mutated creatures: Makes perfect sense. We’re all infected. How quickly can the island become overrun?

19. Change the way building is done: More vulnerable when crafting/building has to be on-site. Prevents players building to quickly around you. This solves a lot of issues.

20.Doors with codelocks: as long as they can still be destroyed over time.

21. Nametags visible from bigger distance: requested to alleviate fear over all else. Would support extending the range a bit, but the limitation creates some hilarious and interesting interactions.

22. Traps / Home-made defenses by Mogs: I’m already on Team Bear Trap

23. Professions: No. No. A thousand times no. Want more structure? Play TFC.

24. Weather changes: This seems inevitable. Would be interesting to see how it affects players and the environment, e.g. post-rain mud slows your movement a bit, or a leaky roof douses a campfire.

25. Towns/Villages/Camps/Endgame: The world ends when people stop killing each other. Based on real-world experience this would be a very long ways out.

Personally, I’d just like to see ** destructible and renewable trees**. We’d see just how quickly Rust Island turns into Easter Island, and how wars develop around recycling whatever is left. Maybe it leads to famine, faster hunger death, and weather changes as well.

So many people are so adamant about creating rules and structures to alleviate their fears. It’s logical for your own survival, but also for everyone else’s. It’s completely counter-intuitive to the gameplay.

I disagree with safe zones entirely… it ruin the survival concept of the game

Oh my god, why is that every single suggestions thread wants a safe post?
What is this, carebear island? This is Rust. You survive. Only make the spawn points a safe zone for like a hundred square meters. It’d still be pointless because assholes would just kill you when you walk out. Like in Infestation.

Bigger spawn areas? Yes. Safe-zones? No, never suggest this again, it’s a horrie idea, if there are any safe zones they should be player created, and player run, meaning they could be taken down at any time, basically how it is now, you build your own house, secure it, that’s your ‘safe’ zone.

Safe-zones, a terrible idea.

Probably some little caves in the sides of mountains?

There are already safe zones - spawning in some guys 1x1 poop hut.

there should not be a safezone. There also should not be a small one near where you spawn. to fix being killed right away there should be many spawn areas so no one can spawn camp.

With the destructible tree idea - I like it. I was watching that America Before Columbus doco the other day and at some point Europe almost ran out of trees. Would be interesting to see what happened in game! It would have to be altered with population though, otherwise 6 months in and the map would be a baron wasteland, or, as you point out, an Easter Island.

Yeh a safe zone ruins the survival aspect of the game it removes the fear element of other players from the game.

But you would have to alter the wood piles to not spawn at some point,maybe they only spawn by a forested area and after you cut down the forest the wood piles stop spawning.

And as most of us agree safezones might be a good idea ONLY if its executed right…ex. player made and player run.

DO NOT put in safezones.

I think people are not getting the point of a safezone,a player made & run safezone that can get overrun or destroyed by npcs or other players is the kind we are talking about here.People pay to enter the safezone and that way towns or groups of people get an income of items/currency and thus giving them the reason to make one in the first place.And inside the safezone there are merchants etc.

This can also be made with towns in mind,for them to be a sort of a “safezone”.

We have safe zones.

Players who band together and cover a large area that support newcomers and defend the location against bandits. Sounds pretty safe to me.

I was in a group of about 11 people, we all had houses and some lived in a bigger place. We all had sleeping bags, and if bandits came near here or chased someone we had people in sniper towers kill them and let the survivor hang out in the village, grab some supplies before heading off again.

Thats the basic idea of the safezones,to give protection but still be vurnable to attacking players.That sounds alot like a town,which became a safezone,imagine having big walls with towers and only one big entrence.

Exactly. We don’t need pre-created safe zones, people can make their own. Then, choose not to let anyone threatening in.

This is like a big game of hide-and-go-seek and everyone is arguing about what the safe zone should be.

Just like in real life. :smiley: